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  1. These birds were seen last week in Los Alamos and Santa Fe counties. I used Merlin, but it's not always right so looking for confirmation or corrections. Thanks! 

    #1 Brewers Sparrow?

    Brewer's Sparrow 9-6-23 White Rock NM

    #2 Juvenile Say's Phoebe?

    Say's Phoebe juvenile 9-6-23 Frenchy's Field Santa Fe NM

    #3 Western Tanager -Merlin did hear one in the are I took the photo.

    Western Tanager female 9-7-23 White Rock NM

    #4 Hepatic Tanager - this is the only photo I got so not sure it can be identified by this. 


    #5 Western Wood Pewee - 2 photos

    IMG_5188 IMG_5189


  2. I was visiting New Mexico last week and saw lots of hummingbirds. The first was in Los Alamos and the other 2 were taken in White Rock. Merlin gave me ID's for them, but of course it could have been wrong. I don't know if bird 2 & 3 are the same bird or not, they were taken 1 minute apart, but there were more than a few buzzing around.  I'm used to seeing only one kind of hummingbird where I live! Thanks!








  3. On 8/28/2022 at 2:45 PM, bjragucci said:

    I saw this bird this morning in Northeast Ohio. The eye color is really throwing me, figure maybe it is a juvenile? Looked too small to be a red-shouldered hawk. I considered a Merlin, but looked a little too big, but I have only seen one twice, and it was farther away, so maybe it just looked bigger because it was closer up. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    bird 1 IMG_9497


  4. 2 hours ago, Birds are cool said:

    Kestrel? More details would help. Color, Size, Habitat, Activity, Flight Pattern, Tail Shape, etc. The link down below is to a kestrel.


    This was bigger than a Kestrel. It was just sitting in a tree on the edge of a wooded area near a reservoir. It flew off towards the rising sun, so I wasn't able to get a good look at it in flight. 

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  5. 53 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

    Personally, I'd leave this one as Philadelphia/Warbling.  The lores and cap aren't particularly dark, but that doesn't rule out Philly.  I find that if I have to edit the photos to see anything it's probably not safe to ID.

    Thanks, I only lightened up the second photo. I was hoping it was a Philadelphia because I don't have a photo of one of those.

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