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  1. hoping you can help. I can't seem to find a close match in any of my bird books/guides. Photographed on 7/9/2019 thanks, Gary ---*
  2. Photo'd this bird in Acadia NP in freshwater. Thought Common Merg until it came closer. Now, not sure. Hybrid? Showed to a ranger that is a lifelong birder and he, too, was unsure. HELP!!!! thanks, all RARman
  3. Wow! Looks very close. I think you have confirmed my suspicions. Thanks, Gary ---*
  4. Shot this at Bowdoin NWR in MT. The images are greatly cropped. This was a solitary bird. Didn't offer any close photos. thanks for the help.
  5. Not sure what this is. Northern Wheatear, perhaps? Photographed at Scott's Bluff, NE last August. What do you think?
  6. same problem i'm having. Ring-necked juvi was what i thought i was looking at until i got home and reviewed photos. Sisters and brothers looked identical,. so not a one off bird.
  7. Photographed this at Seney NWR in U.P. Michigan on July 20th (see attachment). Having trouble identifying. There were no other ducks in association other than ones that looked exactly like this one. Thanks for the help. RARman
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