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  1. 2 minutes ago, redcoot said:

    I agree with #1 being a Blue-winged and #2 being a Cinnamon Teal. #1 does show the eye line well and seems "cooler" in color overall. #2 has a much plainer face, and is "warmer" overall.

    Cool, thanks Redcoot. Maybe #2 is a female Cinnamon and that's why it doesn't look like the other three. 

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  2. I saw these five teal last week at Whitaker Ponds in Portland, OR. The larger-billed birds I feel good about calling Cinnamon (especially when one flashed its colorful secondaries), but there's two other questionable individuals I've highlighted. #1 I think is Blue-winged, it has a defined eye-stripe, white patch at the base of the bill, and smaller bill. #2 however, also has a smaller bill, but lacks the white patch and defined eye stripe. There was also Green-winged teal in the area, but I don't think the proportions on #2 are small enough. In the first photo it seems to stand out as smaller, but maybe it's just another Cinnamon holding its head weird? Thoughts on these two teal? 





  3. I've answered my own question by emailing one of the guides on the boat. 

    Here's the response: 

    #1 and #2 "The best field mark is the upper wing view.  See the white primary shafts on only the two outer primaries?  Diagnostic for LONG-TAILED. Thin bill also good, as is mouse brown back color." 

    #3 "First, eliminate the one you easily can. Wing flash? Yes. That alone eliminates Long-tailed. Sharp longish tail eliminates Pomarine.  PARASITIC."


    I was on the right track though missing some key characteristics. Very helpful tips! 

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  4. Hi all, I'm having some trouble identifying these jaegers. Is anyone good at that?

    Seen on a pelagic trip off the coast of Oregon last week. 

    1. B&W barring underneath, pale belly, gonydeal angle near midpoint (?) - Long-tailed Jaeger?



    2. Blocky squarish head, long bill in relation to head makes me think Pomarine, but the uniform underwing makes me think Long-tailed.



    3. Gonydeal angle near tip, light belly, gray brown vent - Parasitic?




    Link to all the photos if that's helpful here.


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