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  1. White-throated Shrike-Tanager. The Caribbean side has a yellow back/rump as pictured in Stiles & Skutch Birds of Costa Rica (Plate 47 #1) and Garrigues/Dean The Birds of Costa Rica p.283. But the Pacific side has a black back/rump as in your picture.
  2. Seen at Big Island Country Club (Now Makani) on Big Island early April. Seems finchy with sharp yellow/white chest demarction. But face and beak not good for Palila. Bad shape & no eye ring for White-eye. No facial of chest markings for Yellow-fronted Canary or Saffron Finch. Odd well-demarcated light rear cap.
  3. 1. Probably Solitary Sandpiper, but that tail barring really speaks to Spotted. Both have spots on back. Facial pattern makes it a prob Solitary. 2. Northern Shoveler. Nothing else with that profile. 3. Looks like Mallards in back. Wood Duck in front. 4. Odd sparrow. That is a crazy long tail. Has to be a trick of the eye, or weird angle or something. Any additional pic would help.
  4. First thought was Fulvous Whistling-Duck with that long, stretched neck, but no plumage has that side pattern. Looks to me like female Northern Pintail. The one stretching gives a distorted body shape.
  5. 1. Lincoln's Sparrow - Nothing else has that crisp black on brown chest pattern. 2. Possibly Bay-breasted, but total lack of any eye stripe is unusual. I'd vote Chestnut-sided Warbler. - c.f. Peterson Warblers first fall Chestnut-sided Warbler p. 239
  6. Looks like Dusky Flycatcher. Maybe first year. Rounded head. Short primary projection (as far as i can see). Primaries w/low-contrast striping. A pic w/a natural lie of the primaries showing a long projection may turn this into a Hammond's Flycatcher, but that head is very round.
  7. I feel the back shot one is a Sparkling Violetear, but never got a good look at the breast. Not too many have that thin blue line extending so far around the neck. Is it possible that these are both the same species?
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