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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Noble Bunny. Bu the way, I also love bunnies. Yes, I was very close to hand-feeing her...almost there with Peace. I truly loved her and she gave me a tremendous amount of joy. She brought joy to many neighbors as well. I learned a lot from her. I will help another bird. I may adopt one. I will help as many animals as I can Thanks again. This is a wonderful community.
  2. Thank you so very much for your reply. This beautiful bird stayed around for several weeks. I posted about her on Facebook and Nextdoor and called 2 local nature organizations and a dove release company to see if she was a lost bird, but received no response. She gave me so much joy every day and I am grieving for her. She came closer and closer to me. I do not know about birds and although I did a lot of research, I did not find this site quickly enough. I thought she was a rock dove or white homing pigeon and could perhaps live in the wild. I was worried about the winter and was looking into a dovecote. However, I did notice that she had a slow takeoff and that worried me. I was just not knowledgeable about birds, but I wish I could have done more. Thank you for your insight and advice. I will google those organizations. I made a donation to the Humane Society the day she passed to help animals in the path of Hurricane Florence in her name (Peace) and I may adopt one. I am very interested in helping animals, but each species requires specific knowledge that takes some time to acquire. Peace was such a harbinger of hope and a spark of joy for me every day. Thank you so very much. I will do something to help another bird.
  3. Can you tell me how you know this is a young bird? Many thanks.
  4. Thank you so much for your kind reply. You may see by my other response that I was too late to help this poor bird. I am interested in helping future birds and or rescues. She was a total delight. I am interested in this breed or other friendly white breeds. I named her Teace. thank you so much.
  5. Thank you so very much for your reply. I am so extremely sad to say that I found this site too late. I called several nature centers for help and got no reply. She let me come close but would not eat out of my hand. I fed her every day and have a clean birdbath. I do not know much about birds. She became the victim of a cat. I am heartbroken. I would like to know what to do if another comes my way. And please, do they make good pets? Maybe I will rescue one in need. Thank you so much.
  6. This wonderful bird was in my yard in New Rochelle. She will not eat from my hand but she lets me come pretty close. I posted on several sites to see if she is a lost pet. Can someone identify the type of bird she is and if she is wild or a pet? How is the best way to help this bird? Thank you.
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