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  1. Hi. This is the most appropriate forum I could find to post my query in, as it does pertain to what would at least be a *day* trip… Does anyone know of any online resource(s) that might be of use for keeping tabs on the degree of ice coverage on the lower Hudson River? As a birder, I’ve come to learn over the years that increased ice coverage tends to correlate to a greater number of Bald Eagle sightings. However, with this so far being an unusually warm winter – 50F on Christmas Day here! – I’m hoping to be able to make the most of my opportunities and decide *when* it might finally behoove me to jump in the car and make the trip. As always, any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Steve
  2. Oops, I do stand corrected. Hadn't seen your post until after responding to Kevin. Thanks, that does look to be a perfect match, for both plumage and range. And the Life List creeps up another tick tonight... 😁
  3. Just a little surprised that the app would be off. They have the range being essentially a narrowing vertical band down the middle of North America. They are shown as "Uncommon" in southern Ontario (Niagara Falls region), though, so I suppose maybe this could be even more of a "stray", haha. Remains to be seen whether anyone else chimes in, though. Thanks for your swift response, though. I do believe you've lowered my record to having a response within just 5 minutes of posting! EDIT: I see now, you were agreeing with Snow Bunting. Thanks for your second!
  4. Hi. Shot this unfamiliar bird today in the parking lot of a hawkwatch in northern NJ. I found what seems to be a really close match with my Audubon app for Android, but the bird’s range seems to be off. Could this be a Clay-colored Sparrow? Thanks. P2490838er by sbutk, on Flickr P2490846er by sbutk, on Flickr
  5. No, I did mean Golden-crowned. Guess I just got over-reliant on looking for enough of a matching photo on my Audubon app and neglected to pay attention to the bird's range. Thanks for setting me straight!
  6. Looks like yet another new migrant out in the yard today. Can anyone confirm/refute my suspicion, before I go making it official? 😉 Thanks, Steve P2430171 by sbutk, on Flickr P2430176 by sbutk, on Flickr P2430179 by sbutk, on Flickr
  7. Thanks for the second. And thanks, too, for the link. Always tickled to be made aware of another birding resource! 👍
  8. I did count that as one of my possibilities, cool. Thank you both! 👍
  9. Hi, Photographed these birds in my yard this afternoon. I’ve employed both Audubon app for Android and been through my Peterson Field Guide for Eastern birds, and have yet to come across a definite match for this bird. Best guesses are some member of the Warbler, Flycatcher, or Vireo family. Must be a migrant species, because I don’t ever remember seeing one here in northern NJ before. Can anyone help me ID this bird? Thanks, Steve P2410820 by sbutk, on Flickr P2410830 by sbutk, on Flickr P2410834 by sbutk, on Flickr
  10. Cool, thanks! Makes for my 2nd addition to the Life List right from the yard today, along with Blue-headed Vireo. 👍
  11. Thanks! No way to be exactly sure of which, I guess (without lifting up the tail feathers, haha). 👍
  12. Hi, Photographed these birds in my yard this afternoon. Guessing they must be a migrating species, since I’ve never taken note of them before. My best guess is they are thrushes – most likely Hermit or Swainson’s, according to my Audubon app. Can anyone offer any opinions to help steer me in the right direction? Birds were seen in northern NJ. Thanks, Steve P2410374 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P2410402 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P2410403 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P2410503 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr
  13. Hi. My suspicion is that these birds I saw in my backyard this afternoon are American Goldfinches, just perhaps not with the bright yellow [male] plumage that I’d recognize instantly. Are these perhaps females, immature birds, or males in seasonal plumage? Or, am I perhaps barking up the wrong tree entirely? Would greatly appreciate if anyone could help set me straight! Photos taken in northern NJ. Thanks, Steve P2410357 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P2410435 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P2410529 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P2410548 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P2410563 (2) by sbutk, on Flickr
  14. Is anyone else having this problem? I used to be able to [happily] use my Merlin bird ID app for Android with no problem. After a recent (8/31/19) forced update, however, my app is left with no bird packs installed (and thus rendered useless). I can't manually install any selected bird apps. And I've uninstalled/reinstalled the entire app; restarted my phone; and STILL the problem persists. I've already submitted my concern to the Merlin team, and they have assured me both that I'm not the only one to report this problem; and they're "working on it". ...That was months ago. (Yawn.) Wondering if any of my fellow birders has any ideas!
  15. Hi. I’m seeking some advice with regard to my still-in-the-works trip down to Cape May later this month… I’ve visited multiple years in the past, typically around the Columbus Day weekend, but so far have yet to venture much beyond the hawkwatch platform. This will be just an overnight, and at least [part of] one of those days will be spent at and around the hawkwatch. Lately I’ve had my curiosity piqued for exploring more of the Cape, though - with perhaps Cape May Meadows and HigbeeBeach being areas of interest. Can anyone offer any advice, tips, or insight into visiting either of those places? What time of day is likely best? I recently learned about the Morning Songbird Watch at Higbee, and I’m not so sure a pre-dawn visit (to catch the songbird migration in full force) is really in the cards for those in my group. Then again, what birder wouldn’t like to maximize his chances to expand the Life List?! Thanks in advance, for any & all replies! 🙂 -Steve
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