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  1. I tend to agree. As would, I expect, most people on this forum. Like, at least wait until I've added em to my Life List, before anybody goes shooting em all! 😞
  2. Woodcocks? Wow. See, I wouldn't have thought so ...but, what do I know? 😞
  3. Huh, OK. Ducks, I knew about; I guess I'd just never heard of anyone going "goose hunting". I would think there must be a line drawn somewhere, though, isn't there? What about Loons, Coots, Grebes... ?
  4. So, decoys... OK. Next question would be, WHY? Unless I'm mistaken, it isn't lawful to hunt [wild] geese, is it?
  5. I tend to agree with you. Black swans... is there such a thing? πŸ€”
  6. I suppose I can't overlook that possibility!
  7. Thank you, both. I agree with your ID ...especially after reading this page, which you may find as incredibly informative as I did. http://wing-tips.blogspot.com/2017/12/sharp-shinned-and-coopers-hawks.html
  8. P.S. Here's a grainy, zoomed-in image. The white isn't in the right position to be consistent with Canada Goose, I don't think.
  9. Hi, I saw geese from afar while visiting Wallkill River NWR (northern NJ) yesterday. They are not in the refuge, but on the lawn of a private residence, leading me to think they might be some kind of domestic breed. Curious if anyone can help me out with this one. Thanks, Steve
  10. Hi, I was quite surprised to spot this young hawk just nonchalantly sitting on the rail of our deck yesterday morning (northern NJ). I’m pretty sure it’s a immature accipiter. Would anyone be willing to decide whether Sharpie or Coop? Unfortunately the tail is not in view, so I’d be interested to know what other field marks you use to make the ID. Thanks, Steve
  11. I looked into that likelihood already. Thanks!
  12. Haha, I agree with you on that point. I'm certainly not looking to make a snap decision and declare that, nine days from now, on Sept. 19, we'll be loading up the car and heading out on our trip, rain or shine. Rather, once enough days are on the forecast horizon, I'd like to be able to observe, THIS two-day span looks like it *might* have ideal conditions for our annual trek to Cape May; keep the calendar clear and continue monitoring, in case it looks more and more like booking that motel room is safe to do. At least, this is the way we're used to operating (and with a pretty good track record).
  13. I see that now. This is looking to be quite a useful site, thanks! πŸ‘
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