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  1. Hmm, very interesting. Good to know, thanks. ...So I'd say that possibility remains a good candidate for my "mystery bird". Curious... Are there other species for which that's true?
  2. I'd say Baltimore Oriole is a distinct possibility, since I've seen them in the area rather sporadically. Still, I've played ever BO song & call on both my Audubon and Merlin apps and - while the voice/pitch sound similar, the patterns certainly don't. And as I mentioned above, this mysterious bird has the same song, day in and day out. Hoping to try again soon for a better recording; or even a glimpse of the culprit...
  3. Offhand, I'd say it's not a match. Being a novice when it comes to bird calls, I assume "pattern/rhythm" is important, besides "voice"? This bird that I've recorded here has had the exact same song upon multiple observations. Never have caughta glimpse of the bird, though.
  4. Trying my upload again. Looks like it [cross my fingers] might've worked this time... P1920567-birdsong.MP4
  5. Thanks. I'll give it another go, and try to think of something else if I still have problems... 👍
  6. Hmm. Seems I've run into technical difficulties... For whatever reason, when I try to link to the uploaded video on my 3rd party hosting site, only the still image (vidcap) appears in my forum post. So instead I tried uploading my video directly into the forum post [like I think I've been successful in doing once before] - but when the video upload is 99% complete, it stops and gives me a "-200" error. Does anyone know what this means, and how to get around it? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Can anybody ID this unfamiliar bird song for me? I’ve been hearing it quite often recently; in the vicinity of Oldham Pond in North Haledon, NJ P1920567-birdsong by sbutk, on Flickr Thanks!
  8. …or Eastern Towhee? Sorry for the crude photo, through glass, which I realize could add to the difficulty of this ID. Either way, though, it’d be a Lifer for me! 😁 P1910668e by sbutk, on Flickr
  9. Shot this unusual looking bird last week at Oldham Pond in North Haledon, NJ. Is it perhaps some variation on a pigeon [such as partial leucism]; or might it be some new species that I’m able to add to my life list? Thanks. P1910173r (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P1910211r (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P1910196r (2) by sbutk, on Flickr P1910200r (2) by sbutk, on Flickr
  10. Thanks again. Would you be able to comment on any of the field marks to distinguish the two species in question?
  11. P.S. I notice in your Yard Bird list, you mention a Green Heron. ...Coincidentally, I just shot one today, in the same location as the mink ...I think. Is this, in fact, a Green Heron - as opposed to a Least Bittern? I've heard they have a reputation for being incredibly difficult to tell apart at times! P1920720er by sbutk, on Flickr
  12. Sorry for the non-bird query. I thought I remembered there being a forum here for IDing mammals, etc. (Perhaps that was done away with during the recent “housecleaning” that occurred.) Either way, I did capture this photo while on one of my many birding “stakeouts” recently, so… P1840727e by sbutk, on Flickr P1840726e by sbutk, on Flickr Photos were taken sometime earlier this month at Oldham Pond in North Haledon, NJ. The best online photo match I can find for this particular critter is a mink. Can someone [more experienced than I am; or more comfortable with IDs] please confirm? Thanks!
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