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  1. Well, I actually had to Google that one... That includes Flycatchers, correct? I'd say that's a very good possibility, as I'd just seen a Great crested flycatcher in the yard a few hours earlier. (A Lifer, BTW.) 👍
  2. So yesterday, there I was, patiently shooting this Red-bellied woodpecker… when some feathered fiend decided to photobomb my subject. In the words of Stephanie Tanner… HOW RUDE! Heh. Curious, though, as I’m stumped. Is anyone willing and able to ID the interloper for me? I’m in northern NJ. Thanks!
  3. I definitely appreciate the education, thanks! 👍
  4. Thanks for pointing that out. That's definitely an interesting field mark, with regard to the wing edge. Had seen a number of Swallow-tails on prior trips to FL, but the Mississippi is a Lifer for me. ...And I did manage to get them both in the same shot, actually.
  5. Can anyone confirm (or refute) my ID… Is this a Mississippi kite? Bird was photographed last week while visiting family in DeLand, FL. Also noted in the same area were several Swallow-tailed kites, which I initially assumed this was, until noticing the lack of forked tail. Thanks, Steve
  6. Haa! I'd take it if ANYone knew Common grackles, it'd be you. 😉 Bummer... But thank you for the responses, both of you.
  7. Is anyone able to discern a species – or likely species – from these largely silhouetted images? My suspicion is that it’s a Rusty blackbird, although that could just be wishful thinking (i.e. wanting to add another checkmark to “The List”). Photo was taken yesterday in northern NJ. Thanks. -Steve
  8. That's the direction I was sortof leaning, too, for exactly the reason you said. Wish I'd spotted them a few seconds sooner and had time to get a closer shot and before the trees interfered. I'm fine with it remaining a mystery, though; that's part of what makes this hobby exciting/intriguing, IMO. 😁
  9. Thank you, both. Lifer! 👍
  10. Is this visitor to my feeder a few minutes ago a Purple finch? We do have plenty of House finches around here ...but noticeably absent, as my app describes, is any gray streaking on the side. Oh, and I’m in northern NJ. Thanks. -Steve
  11. I snapped these shots haphazardly the other afternoon, in northern NJ. Through some tree branches, unfortunately, and with no time to zoom in for a closer look. Would anyone be willing to venture an opinion – such as from their formation - whether they’re more likely to be Canada Geese or Snow Geese? I do not remember hearing any honking. Thanks. -Steve
  12. Sounds about right. Thank you, both.
  13. It is? Thanks. Juvenile, I'm guessing?
  14. Hi, This series of photos was taken this past week in Edwin B. Forsythe NWR in southern NJ. Can anyone help me figure out which species of gull this is? Odds are it’s a familiar species to me. But somehow both the coloration and what appears to be a long, dagger-like beak (particularly in photo #2) are causing me confusion. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Steve
  15. Thanks for the confident and definitive affirmation.
  16. Thanks, all. I'll cautious lean Tundra, until anyone comes along and offers a refuting opinion. (Makes me wish I'd seen/photographed it as well that day, so I could [ethically] add Tundra to my own Life List!) 🙂
  17. Hi, A member of my birding party snapped this photo on a trip to the lower Hudson River Valley last week. The two swans on the right are obviously Mute Swans. However, the one on the left appears to have a black bill and a yellowish forehead. Could this be a different species, perhaps a Tundra Swan? Thanks. -Steve
  18. Thanks, I realized that as soon as I posted it; then got sidetracked, and forgot about making the correction. This is more along the lines of what I was trying to achieve...
  19. Thank you for the quick response. It just occurred to me I should provide a blown up view as well, but in this case I guess that wasn't necessary. Oh, and this is a Lifer for me, so... thanks, again! 👍
  20. Hi, Are these birds swimming off the shore of Sandy Hook, NJ yesterday Long-tailed ducks? Other birders had reported that species in the vicinity that day. Apologize for the grainy image, but they were at about the very end of my zoom range. Oh, and in case it should be a clue, this is on the ocean side of the peninsula. Thanks. -Steve
  21. Just did a quick Google Image search. It's sortof visible here: https://www.naturepl.com/stock-photo-carpodacus-mexicanus-nature-image00563457.html P.S. Thanks for the discussion. I'm actually learning something new tonight. 👍
  22. I've found that sunlight, as a rule, almost always plays its tricks. Particularly when it comes to birds. I'm inclined to say you're right.
  23. Hmm, OK. In general, I would tend to describe female HFs as gray. Maybe it's my eyes, but in the first photo (next to the Titmouse), I wouldn't describe that bird as gray at all. And I hadn't realized they have that rust on the rump, either.
  24. Yup, sorry. I fully intended to mention that, and yet in my haste forgot. I'm in northern NJ. ...So it *is* a House Finch, eh? An immature, I suppose? That could account for the different coloration from what I'm used to seeing on [adult] females.
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