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  1. That was actually my first thought as well. Although, my mind has been known to play tricks on me. So I could go either way.
  2. Not pretending to be an avian expert by any means, but I have spent a fair amount of time observing raptors... I think I'm more inclined to think that the bird in your photos is a Broad-winged Hawk. Even though the photos are somewhat dark, I think I am able to make out just a single light band near the end of the tail. On a Red-shouldered Hawk, I think you'd see several bands. Again, I'm no ID ace and I myself am known to post my fair share of dimly lit, poorly focused, distant birds for the folks in these forums to have their fun with. Good luck with this one. Hopefully you get some more supporting/refuting opinions to add to the mix! 🙂
  3. Yup, I did consider those possibilities as well, thanks. We have plenty of BVs around here, so I'm well familiar with those and am fairly sure this wasn't one. As for GE, those are definitely NOT common around here. I do believe I've seen a grand total of 3 in my many years as a birder - 1 during autumn migration along the Kittatiny Ridge in PA; and 2 while vacationing in national parks in the Midwest. Thus I'd be quite surprised to have "accidentally" shot one here (as I alluded earlier, without actually traveling to some destination to actively seek them out). Still, I definitely appreciate your insight. Helps to get my own "gears" turning again. 👍
  4. More good points to consider. I certainly appreciate your contribution; thanks! 👍
  5. Good point; and thanks for your insight. Northern NJ. Which, you're right, both those birds can be seen just about anywhere.
  6. Right, I'm familiar with their lifecycle. I know an eagle isn't considered fully mature until year 5, with variations in plumage between the two extremes helping to identify (or guesstimate, anyway) which year the otherwise immature bird might be in. ...FWIW, I agree with you - more than I'd like admit - about the TV shape. Likely we'll never know for certain... but what a letdown it would be if those "mottled feathers" turned out to be some VERY coincidentally placed "shmutz" on my windshield! [FTR, no, I was not driving at the time.] 😱
  7. Another observation... Do those "holes" in the wing suggest molting? Othwerwise, I'd say he's surprisingly "beat up", for being just a juvenile. Hmm.
  8. You're probably right, now that I think about it. It was arching back and forth across the roadway, so it was hard to ever be sure which side I was looking at. And thanks for the diagnosis. I'll add another tick to the BE column. (My gut feeling as well, but I didn't want to get too ahead of myself. I've seen plenty before, but most usually when I specifically go looking for them. Exciting to see them just by chance (and a good sign for Nature, too!).) 👍
  9. Hi, I snapped a photo of this bird the other day from a moving vehicle. The mostly silhouetted shape to me at first suggested [just another ubiquitous] vulture. But then I couldn't help notice the varied plumage on the bird's chest. Is it possible this is actually a juvenile bald eagle? Thanks! P1680950e2 by sbutk, on Flickr
  10. Sounds like iBird might be the more helpful tool for ID by fieldmarks; while Merlin is good for showing photos of each bird - although, not to speak poorly of its ability to also narrow down possibilities from the user's observations/description. ...On that note, do you happen to have an Android? If so, I might be inclined to PM you a non-birding related question.
  11. Ha! Appreciate your modesty... BTW I'm using Merlin for Android (as my main electronic source, anyway). Do you have any thoughts regarding which app is more helpful?
  12. Hmm, OK. My book doesn't show that, but I'll take the word of a more-experienced birder. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your insight. I need to question, though, now having looed at a different ID source of mine: Do I see a black bill on photo #3, or is that merely a consequence of the lighting (shadowing in the photo)? If so, then I'd like to possibly counter-propose Roseate. Thoughts?
  14. Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully I still get some more opinions to chime in as well, to help fill in some of the blanks.
  15. Hi, Can I please get some ID help on these birds, photographed this past August in Edwin B. Forsythe NWR? I know the first 4 photos are all terns, just likely of various species and maturity. I’ve had photos of similar terns ID’d in the past as Forster’s, but I can’t quite be positive here, based on the photos in my ID guides/apps. And, the bird flying past the trio of mute swans is, I think, either a barn swallow or bank swallow? Thanks, Steve P.S. Really glad this site is back up and running! THANK YOU to its owners! P1350709e by sbutk, on Flickr P1350721e by sbutk, on Flickr P1350799e by sbutk, on Flickr P1360136e by sbutk, on Flickr P1360319e by sbutk, on Flickr
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