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  1. Is this an Alder Flycatcher song in the background? Central Ohio, 2018-09-27. Alder Flycatcher
  2. Wow! Thanks! All lifers + yard lifers. I'm new to the fall warbler thing. I spent HOURS working on ids.
  3. #1 Black-throated Green? Note the black semi circles under the eyes. A bad shot is better than none... #2 Cape May? #3 Bay Breasted? Pic 1 of 2. Same power line, different bird. #3 Bay Breasted? Pic 2 of 2. Same bird as above, different angle. #4 Tennessee? Pic 1 of 2 #4 Tennessee? Pic 2 of 2 #5 Cape May? I'm not certain that this is the same individual as #2. Different angle anyway. Thanks for your time everyone!
  4. Broad-winged hawk?, Central Ohio, 2018-09-14. My guess is based on the dark spot patterns in the under wing shot. Confirmation and other ID pointers would be great. Thanks!
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