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  1. Baltimore Oriole Two birds together, particularly in fall, does not necessarily indicate anything other than the presence of important resources and/or flocking behavior.
  2. Any chance you have a good profile showing the tail length? Brewer's are notably long-tailed, while Rusty has tails of similar proportion to that of Red-winged, that is, not particularly notable. Eye color changes in Rusty from dark in the nest to light yellow in its first fall. Perhaps this bird is just slow in getting pale eyes, as the overall brightness of the plumage certainly suggests Rusty.
  3. The entire throat and chest are yellow, ruling out Blue-headed.
  4. Swainson's Warbler has pink legs. Leg color is very useful in warbler ID.
  5. yellow tail spots is distinctive for Yellow Warbler; note also the pink legs
  6. First is Scripps's, the others are Guadalupe; any white in front of the eye should rule out Scripps's
  7. Blackpoll is correct; female not necessarily so. All first-years look, essentially, like this at this date. Now, had you gotten pix of the upper-tail coverts....
  8. But there are still only three toes/foot. Additionally, that big black area at the "wrist" is a deal-breaker for anything else.
  9. You could be right. I retract my previous comment.
  10. Is the last photo definitely of the same bird as in the others? I ask because the last bird has the typical head shape of Willow, while the other looks much more in line with Alder.
  11. Head is large and almost square or round; Ring-necked's is taller than deep, usually with a more bridled look. And grayer.
  12. The head pattern is distinctive, regardless of muted colors. Throw in the unstreaked blue-gray back, and there's nothing else it could be.
  13. Looks on the light side of Eastern, perhaps not pale enough in a lot of places for Krider's. Could be a mutt.
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