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  1. It's not at all common, but it's not exceedingly rare for immature NOGA to have most or, sometimes, all secondaries still dark after wing coverts and back are white. However, they don't sport a mask in that odd 'tweener plumage.
  2. They are both immature White-crowneds. The plumage lacks both white and black on the head.
  3. In fact, THIN white bands, a feature noted as important in most field guides.
  4. It would not be simply rare, it would be a hallucination.
  5. It's whitish below from chest to under-tail covs, which matches no New World eagle species.
  6. #5 is a Field Sparrow -- entirely pink bill and complete eye ring
  7. The back bird in 4 is a COLO -- much larger bill and head, despite being farther away.
  8. The back bird in the first photo is a female COGO (16.pdf (cobirds.org). The brown-headed bird in the third photo looks reasonable for a BAGO.
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