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  1. The pale braces are distinctive for Blackburnian
  2. Cooper's Hawk Ruby-crowned Kinglet Song Sparrow Savannah Sparrow Lazuli Bunting (note white wing bars)
  3. DCFL is darker and without the strongly contrasting rufous wing panel that your bird shows
  4. Most flycatchers -- in the US/Canada, anyway -- perch much more vertically. The postures in the good field guides (particularly Sibley) are accurate. Pay attention to them.
  5. https://cobirds.org/CFO/ColoradoBirds/InTheScope/54.pdf
  6. Skinny necks on the geese -- Canadas The duck is not any kind of teal (and Northern Shoveler is just a big, goofy teal) -- note the under-wing pattern, which looks fine for Gadwall.
  7. Well-defined blackish streaking below with no cross-bars; tawny hood -- Cooper's
  8. It looks like a card-carrying Western to me.
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