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  1. Remember, migrants can show up almost anywhere.
  2. Look at more than just the eye ring. The legs are bright yellow, almost orange-yellow. The bill is very long. It is not sufficient for bird ID to pick out a single field mark that matches a particular species. One must then rule OUT all other species.
  3. In fact, they always have wide, dark malar stripes, as do juv Broad-wingeds. This is a GREAT feature to differentiate juvs of those two from all accipiters.
  4. Just that it's Brownsville is sufficient to ID large Corvus.
  5. The first bird is a Willet -- some of the white wing stripe is even visible.
  6. I'm confused by the 2nd sentence in the request. Northern Rough-winged Swallows are brown. And the first picture is of a brown Northern Rough-winged. All of the birds in the other original pix are Barns.
  7. Your question is not a dichotomy, as there are light and dark morphs in Harlan's Hawk. This is a dark-morph Harlan's.
  8. All are Pac Loons, the first bird in alternate plumage (note dark on throat and pale gray nape.
  9. It's still wearing its entire set of juvenile feathers, ergo it's a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk.
  10. A Mourning Dove IMO. The far wing is too tapered from the rear to be any of the large species bandied about here. Additionally, the obvious contrast from dark flight feathers with a bluish aspect to brown wing coverts is perfect for Mourning Dove -- see here.
  11. oversight? The bird is backlit, making the upperparts look darker than they are. While very useful in all bird ID, understanding how lighting can impact appearance in gulls is absolutely critical in gull ID. Don't even really try it in conditions other than flat lighting until at least the beginnings of understanding of such are obtained.
  12. note that female and imm male PUMAs have obvious pale half-collars that NRWS lack https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/218345461#_ga=2.252203151.785834017.1585270112-1184313056.1549327880 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/218840421#_ga=2.214380817.785834017.1585270112-1184313056.1549327880 and that spring PUMAs are never this brown
  13. Most wickedest, coolest owl in the world.
  14. Yes, lose one of the 'l's in the name, and you've got it right.
  15. It's a juvenile and the pix leave much to be desired -- no way to tell.
  16. Another good clue: Least Sandpiper Baird's Sandpiper
  17. Probably White-faced Ibis, but neither Glossy Ibis nor a hybrid betwixt the two can be ruled out from these pix.
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