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  1. oversight?


    The bird is backlit, making the upperparts look darker than they are. While very useful in all bird ID, understanding how lighting can impact appearance in gulls is absolutely critical in gull ID. Don't even really try it in conditions other than flat lighting until at least the beginnings of understanding of such are obtained.

  2. 1 hour ago, akandula said:

    I agree with a lutescens Orange-crowned Warbler. They're noticeably smaller than orioles and lack wingbars.

    Other than date (which was not mentioned), I don't see how one would rule out sordida. When I worked on San Clemente Island, the local OCWAs (referable to sordida) seemed to vanish post-breeding and I've wondered since if some might head to the mainland. I don't know what the collecting history of the two West Coast forms is in the non-breeding seasons, but....

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