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  1. Well-defined blackish streaking below with no cross-bars; tawny hood -- Cooper's
  2. It looks like a card-carrying Western to me.
  3. Count the toes! Sanderling is the only sandpiper species that lacks hind toes.
  4. Note pattern of white on the underside of the tail. They're very different.
  5. https://ebird.org/media/catalog?taxonCode=chispa&mediaType=p&q=Chipping Sparrow - Spizella passerina
  6. Actually, Northern Harriers do NOT have white rumps. They have white upper-tail coverts. The rump is dark.
  7. Black-throated Green has a yellowy-green strap across the vent, which we know that this bird lacks, because the photo shows that area very well.
  8. gray cheek, virtually no spotting = Veery
  9. #5 is a Graylag x Swan Goose hybrid; note the contrastingly dark hindneck, which is not a feature of any plumage of Graylag Goose. However, it is mostly Graylag, as it doesn't show a knob or any black on the bill.
  10. The problem is that you are probably confounding "juvenile" and "immature" which are different things. Juvenile Swamp Sparrow Immature Swamp Sparrow Adult Swamp Sparrow
  11. The wing coverts on the left bird have black centers; the middle bird sports nothing like that.
  12. The yellowthroat is an immature, so not sexable.
  13. The toes are orange or pinky-orange, which rules out all vireos. All vireos have bluish legs, feet, toes.
  14. In red birds in this genus: House -- streaking on white Purple -- streaking on red
  15. Clay-colored has a fairly short tail. Also, it really helps if you provide the when.
  16. Long tail = Song, rather than short tail = Savannah -- those are really your choices with a bird like this. The tail is long.
  17. They're both juvenile Cooper's Hawks. Note the very broad white tail tip and, on the smaller bird, the contrastingly tawny hood. Male left, female right. Not a pair.
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