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  1. The tail is not black with narrow white bars, so is not a Red-shouldered.
  2. The bird has begun replacing juvenile plumage (note the many black scapulars and wing coverts), thus can no longer be considered a juvenile. It is best termed an immature. https://cobirds.org/CFO/ColoradoBirds/InTheScope/87.pdf
  3. Please be aware that House Sparrow is NOT related to the New World sparrows. It's in a very different family and not one that is even closely related.
  4. No. They're not. This bird is not yet one year old, but it is a member of the youngest cohort of Red-winged Blackbird in the world.
  5. This is an immature male Red-winged Blackbird in formative plumage. Red-wingeds do little if any molt in late winter/spring. This bird will not see adult plumage until Jul-Aug. Note the black centers in the median coverts. Adults, at all times of year, have clean yellow greater coverts and lean red lesser coverts.
  6. It doesn't have a white flank patch and the bill is far too small for Arctic, which is a hefty loon.
  7. That makes even-more sense. I should have thought of that.
  8. Immature male Broad-tailed -- note incomplete gorget
  9. Note the very different patterns on the tail from below. Your bird's tail is a good match for Pine. Pine Palm
  10. Juvenile Bald -- it seemingly has all of its juvenile plumage still
  11. Male Common Grackles show a distinct V shape to the tail; Great-taileds do not. Common Great-tailed
  12. That is Taverner's Cackling Goose. Richardson's is, far and away, the most frequent and abundant Cackling Goose subspecies in the Lower 48 east of the Rockies. Richies generally have a flat crown; steep forehead; and short, thick-based bill. While the close bird in the first photo is somewhat Richardson's like, I don't think that I could rule out Richardson's Cackling x Lesser Canada, and those darned things seem to be becoming more frequent. There is known interbreeding in a bunch of locations where the two subspecies of differing species meet, and it's a long meeting zone.
  13. And another: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/216992141#_ga=2.266628814.1948673611.1584928130-334541348.1399337695
  14. This bird is riding high and is not showing a contrastingly white flank patch. The white is the bird's side. Red-throated, which often shows a white flank patch, typically has a constrained white face patch like this. For example: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/216992181#_ga=2.99378142.1948673611.1584928130-334541348.1399337695
  15. White-throated does not have a brown, not gray, rump.
  16. I'd go with shorebird, but I don't see any suggestion of black wingpits.
  17. Extensive streaking on a non-juv rules out Swamp.
  18. One of the very coolest ducks -- cool vocalizations (particularly the choking of courting males), the wheel foraging strategy, interesting molt strategy -- just cool.
  19. Finally, in biology, "born" has a very specific meaning -- live birth from the mother. Birds hatch or are hatched.
  20. As example: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/85687941#_ga=2.62866540.1948673611.1584928130-334541348.1399337695 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/109001681#_ga=2.6636786.1948673611.1584928130-334541348.1399337695
  21. Could any of the local nightjars be breeding already? They always lay two eggs, which is an odd-enough trait in birds that it's almost diagnostic given certain situations.
  22. I agree that it's not a raven of any sort. I cannot see this bird being a Turkey Vulture, either. I don't agree that flapping rules out Golden Eagle. They regularly travel long distances in flapping flight. They cross Lake Superior at Whitefish Point doing it -- shortest crossing = 13 miles. Of course, the flapping flight of Turkey Vulture, Golden Eagle, and Common Raven are all utterly different from each other, such that, with extensive experience, one can differentiate amongst them with ease. Video would have been much more useful here. I vote for "diurnal raptor sp."
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