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  1. Note that there is nary an 'a' in 'kestrel' Also note that Horned Larks do not hop; they walk. Most sparrows hop.
  2. Note primary projection: Connecticut Common Yellowthroat
  3. Eye color strongly suggests that it is not an immature.
  4. Pale braces = Blackburnian -- ain't nothing similar in that regard
  5. Veery has a gray cheek and no blackish markings. Usually.
  6. I see Westerns and Brown, too. Additionally, it's October, so they're all Sooties.
  7. Long primary projection and short legs
  8. Nope. It's a juvenile Cooper's Hawk -- it's wearing juvenile plumage.
  9. There are a lot of intergrades, so caution in differentiating subspecies is warranted.
  10. Yes, one needs to check wing and tail color, head color, nape color, and malar color to confirm.
  11. Count the toes. Sanderling is the only sandpiper without hind toes, thus only three toes per foot.
  12. Watch behavior -- Hermit does a slow tail lift, a behavior not found in any other Catharus.
  13. Male Bronzed Cowbirds are decidedly larger than Red-winged Blackbirds. These are an immature male and a female Brown-headeds.
  14. I'm with birdbrain22 about this being an odd first-year male Mallard. Bill color in these things can be a bit screwy, and nothing of the plumage looks at all odd for a male Mallard in the midst of its preformative molt.
  15. The age is indeterminable with these photos.
  16. Woodhouse's -- short bill, long tail Pinyon -- long bill, short tail
  17. House -- streaks on white Purple/Cassin's -- streaks on the red color on the flanks
  18. https://cobirds.org/CFO/ColoradoBirds/InTheScope/21.pdf http://cowyebird.blogspot.com/2018/02/greater-scaup-ebird-problem-child.html
  19. The ridiculously long -- and PINK -- legs are all you need.
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