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  1. On 3/8/2020 at 7:25 PM, Mark said:

    Black Necked Stilts

    Note the syntax of this species' name -- Black-necked Stilt. It's a stilt with a black neck, not a black stilt with a neck. "Black" and "necked" form a compound adjective and modify "stilt" together, not independently. Note also that it is "Great Crested Flycatcher," not "Great-crested Flycatcher," as the species certainly lacks a "great crest." Instead, it is a large flycatcher with a crest, so "great" and "crested" are modifying "flycatcher" independently of each other.

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  2. 10 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

    I think the larger bird in the 8th photo is a Baird's Sandpiper

    That bird has far too much streaking on the upper sides for Baird's and also presents White-rumped's typical pale braces, which Baird's lacks. There are also Leasts in at least three photos. There are two White-rumpeds in the last photo.

  3. The barbed-wire is not typical; this is set on angled supports at the top of a tall fence that whomever really wants no trespassers. Narrower

    15 hours ago, Jefferson Shank said:

    Check out this link - Sharp-shinned Hawk and Cooper’s Hawk Go to "Juvenile streaking patterns"

    This is a guide, at best; there is much more variation in both than indicated here.

    I like the tawny aspect to the the head, the deep head (front to back), the curve and attachment of the bill lining up with the curve of the head, the thick legs, the long tail, the seemingly rounded tips to at least some of the tail feathers as support for Cooper's.

    Some of the above features may simply be due to ephemeral posture oddities, which is why it is always "dangerous" to base an identification on just one photo.

  4. 21 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

    Haha yeah this one is tough to work with. Looks like a dark morph buteo of some sort, but that could just be the lighting. I'd say its probably either Red-tailed, Ferruginous, or Rough-legged Hawk but can't tell beyond that. 

    Yes, the bird is kiting, so that rules some hawk species out, or, at least, makes them much less likely. The small bill and seeming whitish-and-darkish tail pattern would suggest Roughie. However, I wouldn't want to be definitive on the "strength" of just this photo.

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