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  1. Have ravens nesting on the property for many years. Another flopped out of the nest and was at my front door. I picked him up 23 days ago BUT based on the flight feather pic from that day, can you estimate the age?? He's doing well and found a Cypress branch to hang out on. Many thx as always...
  2. VERY similar to the YR Warbler in size and beak BUT it is eating from the sunflower seed tray. Two distinctive black stripes on its' wings. Some pale yellow under its' chin. High desert California (Pamdale). Have only seen three... Sorry no pics 'yet'.
  3. New picture.. Phoebe - tail absent... It still gets around fine....
  4. I couldn't get a tail shot as it doesn't stay still long, but the tail really is short.. I wondered how it even could navigate. I'll try some more, but certainly looks like a Phoebe... I see Phoebes here all the time.. Normal looking birds.. Thx
  5. So the REAL short tail, consider it a defect?? I have seen juvenile Phoebe's with their parents and tails are normal...
  6. Similar coloration of a Black Phoebe but an almost non-existent tail... Thx
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