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  1. @akiley thank you, just curious how did you rule out juvenile white-rumped?
  2. Seen at Edwin B. Forsythe NWR, NJ. I am leaning towards White-rumped and would appreciate any input about how to rule out Baird's. (Baird's has been reported here the past couple weeks).
  3. Here are the same four pictures but zoomed on the bird. Hope this helps
  4. The bird was observed at the Cape May Meadows, NJ. 9/7/19
  5. I saw the Pacific that same day further in the inlet. What about Brown Booby? I know they shouldn't be around but that is what comes to mind when I look at the second picture.
  6. Bird was seen off of the Manasquan Inlet jetty on 1/2/19. I ID'd it as a juvenile Northern Gannet (as it would be the only logical answer) but I keep questioning if it could be something more rare. Sorry for the really poor photos.
  7. I originally ID'd both as Hudsonian. The more I look at it though, I lean more towards Marbled. Seen at Edwin B. Forsythe NWR, NJ on Oct. 6, 2018
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