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  1. This little guy was playing in the sprinklers. Lots of laughs. Need help on the id.
  2. I was hoping for the Plain-capped Starthroat yesterday but I don't think this is it. Bill is too short. Larger than Rufous and slightly smaller than the Rivoli's.
  3. I was thinking Gray Kingbird juvi. Deep in the Mangroves chasing Cuckoos at the end of Pine Key.
  4. These two were amongst Blue-winged Teal. Their bills are not dark like BWTE. Then the size difference? I thought I heard Mallards but never saw any males. I am just overthinking this so I ask your help.
  5. Sho-nuff! Hard to believe it's a young anything. Thanks for the ID.
  6. This guy was with two other Downys. I thought wrong time of the year for juvenile. Is this some kind of leucistic? What are your thoughts.
  7. The more I study sparrows the less I think I know. Thanks!
  8. I used Lightroom to enhance the details of the underside.
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