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  1. Sho-nuff! Hard to believe it's a young anything. Thanks for the ID.
  2. This guy was with two other Downys. I thought wrong time of the year for juvenile. Is this some kind of leucistic? What are your thoughts.
  3. The more I study sparrows the less I think I know. Thanks!
  4. I used Lightroom to enhance the details of the underside.
  5. I was thinking Harris' Hawk but the beak is black. Red Tail dark morph?
  6. This bird was seen with some Magnolia Warblers. But this guy doesn't have the under tail or stripes. Not a female Common Yellow Throat because not yellow vent. Head is too grey for Yellow Throated Vireo and Warbler. What do you think?
  7. If it had been in the reeds I might have gotten that. I guess that's why migration is so much fun! Thanks
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