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  1. Metaquatic

    Weirdness in Maryland

    American Goldfinch? It's hard to tell the size in the photo.
  2. Metaquatic

    Eastern Wood-Pewee call?

    I don't think this is any kind of bird at all. It may be a mash up of "bird sounds." I think I hear a little American Goldfinch but nothing that sounds like an Eastern Wood-Pewee. Television/media is notorious for adding bird sounds without giving much thought into it. If you watch a Western and you see a shot of a Vulture or even an Eagle you will hear the classic song of a Red-tailed Hawk. My favorite is the bird sounds the piped into golf tournaments. If the PGA doesn't do any research on what birds might be heard on a Hawaiian golf course, why should anyone care about background birdsong in a fantasy video game. At least the Hunger Games got creative with their "Mockingjay."
  3. High, low, high low sounds like Carolina Chickadee. A similar High, low, low, low and sometimes Low, high, high, high is a White-throated Sparrow. Try these websites and click on the Listen button. Make sure you are listening to the SONG not the CALL! https://ebird.org/species/carchi https://ebird.org/species/whtspa/ Stay Curious!
  4. No yellow on the lores but that is not always apparent.
  5. Lots of sparrows in this 40 acre preserve. This one was kind of light and I thought a possible Lincoln's Sparrow. What do you say?
  6. I thought this a little unusual for November
  7. If I understand this radar correctly, there are many birds moving North across Texas in October. Is this normal? I didn't see anything in the Gulf that looked like it would drive them North. Here is a link from Birdcast. http://birdcast.info/live-migration-maps/ Thanks for you comments.
  8. Lifer! Thanks for the help.
  9. Central Mississippi migrants. I'm thinking Canadian.