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  1. The Tarsometatarsus looks short for Coot or wading bird in general. Take the picture again with a ruler beside it for comparison.
  2. This is the under tail of a known Summer Tanager. Notice how the yellow goes all the way to the tips. The bird in question has grey tips on its under tail.
  3. Yes my profile pic is a Prothonotary Warbler. Picture was taken at Lefleur's Bluff State Park in Jackson, MS. The local Audubon Society maintains several nesting boxes in the Jackson area. These "Swamp Canaries" are very common all over Mississippi in the Summertime. Look for them in Mosquito infested Cypress Swamps. It is possible to see them in you backyard during migration.
  4. Thought this was a female Summer Tanager but the under tail didn't look right. A male Summer Tanager (not Hepatic or Scarlet) was seen nearby. What are your thoughts?
  5. Pine Warbler probably female. They are often seen on the ground.
  6. I blew this off as a common American Robin until I looked close at the picture. I was taken with the lack of white spots and eye ring. Just thought I would run it by the community to make sure this is not something else.
  7. Seems like the consensus is Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. Thanks
  8. Sorry, only picture I have. The beak is too long for a Gnatcatcher. Gnatcatcher's face is more rounded with shorter/straighter bill. Any other guesses? Saguaro National Park iw West of Tuscon Arizona, for those who may not know.
  9. Off Hwy 80 in Southern New Mexico near the Arizona Line. In short scrub. Notice the undertail.
  10. I think I know what these smaller birds with the Northern Shovelers are, but I thought I would ask for some reassurance. There were about 50 in a tight group. Notice the forward leaning head and neck. Best Picture I got sorry.
  11. The picture sure looks like a crow. No Ravens in Mississippi. Just American/Fish Crows. That audio file kind of sounds a lot like a recordings of Golden Eagle to me. A Golden Eagle in Mississippi is not unheard of but very unusual. Juvenile Bald Eagles are dark brown. They don't get their white tail and head until about 3 years. There are several nesting Bald Eagles up Hwy 49 towards Yazoo City and around Lake Caroline in Madison. All Central Mississippi. I live south of Jackson and would love to verify this bird. I TOTALLY respect that you may not want to meet a stranger over the internet. If you want to try to meet I am sure we can work it out in a way you feel safe. If not you could call Nick Winstead (state ornithologist) at Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. This could be a big deal.
  12. Common Grackle? Blue and white spots might be the iridescent reflection.
  13. Hard to tell. Flat head and speckled breast makes me think Merlin.
  14. Based on under tail, I would say Audubon Warbler. A Townsend's would have thinner black outer edges.
  15. This was some kind of carnivorous bird that was fed mice embryos. What kind of bird is it and where is it native. Thanks ahead of time.
  16. White-crowned Pigeon in Key West or South Florida?
  17. Probably a Pine Warbler as stated above. But check out a female Painted Bunting just to rule it out. They come to feeders regularly.
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