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  1. Females are effectionately called "greenies."  Honestly the third bird with the more yellowish breast is probably a juvi male.  The behavior of the females seems to be more suspicious with their necks stuck out looking around.  They act and posture a lot like female House Finches.  The males just pose more confident like the bird in the 3rd pic.

  2. I don't think this is any kind of bird at all.  It may be a mash up of "bird sounds."  I think I hear a little American Goldfinch but nothing that sounds like an Eastern Wood-Pewee.  Television/media is notorious for adding bird sounds without giving much thought into it.  If you watch a Western and you see a shot of a Vulture or even an Eagle you will hear the classic song of a Red-tailed Hawk.  My favorite is the bird sounds the piped into golf tournaments.  If the PGA doesn't do any research on what birds might be heard on a Hawaiian golf course, why should anyone care about background birdsong in a fantasy video game.  At least the Hunger Games got creative with their "Mockingjay."

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