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  1. This one has to be close but he did manage to land on this weed.
  2. Central Texas Panhandle 6-13-2020. At first I was thinking an Ash-throated Flycatcher but I do not typically see them in open country with no trees where this bird was seen.
  3. Definitively not a Mockingbird or Yellow-rumped Warbler. It was a Thrush of some sort. Thanks for all your input.
  4. Melierax, I think you are correct. I mentioned that to my wife during our walk but talked myself out of it. Photos of Swainson's in my Sibley's book looks really close to what I saw. Thanks,
  5. Photo taken today 5/28/2020 in the central Texas Panhandle. I spotted this bird while walking and did not have my good camera but did have my cell phone. The bird was a bit larger than a House Finch. Long narrow bill like a Warbler, yellowish throat and breast. Breast had brown mottling or spots. Belly was also yellowish. Back was brown but what stood out was the black lateral throat-stripes. Most of these details cannot be seen in the attached photos.
  6. Central Texas Panhandle 5-17-2020. Shooting towards the sun so photos not so good. I lightened some, I hope it helps.
  7. Amarillo, TX 5-12-2020. Thinking this is a Yellow Warbler. I believe the last photo is the same bird as the first two.
  8. Thanks Blackburnian. Cassin's was one of my guesses.
  9. Photo taken today 5/9/2020 Central Texas Panhandle
  10. I have seen and photographed several Downy Woodpeckers in the past and their bill appeared smaller than this birds. It also seemed a little larger than a Downy which is what I originally called it in the field, but I had reservations. I changed my mind to Hairy after looking at the photos. I will go with the consensuses and call it a Downy. Also need to change in eBird. Thanks
  11. Seen today 5-1-2020 in Amarillo, TX. The Nashville Warbler would be a lifer for me and for the other I am leaning toward Hairy Woodpecker. The bill seems a bit bigger than Downey's and body size bigger than Downey as well. But I a have been wrong before (once) Ha! Ha!
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