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  1. Approximately 70 miles north of Amarillo. Ebird shows a couple of sightings north of my location in Sept. of this year so apparently they are here at times.
  2. Northern Texas Panhandle, 10/12/19. I am leaning Black-bellied but have no real experience IDing Plovers. There were 5 feeding in a flooded crop field along with several Killdeer. These birds were larger than the Killdeer.
  3. I could not find another photo but I cropped in on one of the unknowns to see if it helps.
  4. Maybe it's the angle but the bird #1 looks to have a long pointy bill like a Red-winged Blackbird, bird #3 looks like a Brown-headed Cowbird and Bird #2 looks like Bird #1 but with a Cowbird bill. The iridescence is throwing me off on #1 & #2. Could be the lightning.
  5. Central Texas Panhandle September 28th. I took a photo of a group of Red-winged Blackbirds but after looking closer at the photo there are what looks like two different species in the flock. I have circled the unknown birds. Are the two labeled 1 & 2 that look like the same species, just Starlings or something else and the other a Brown-headed Cowbird? It looks like a type of Bunting. What say Y'all?
  6. North Central Texas Panhandle - 9-22-19. Wondering if this might be a Cassin's Kingbird. Darker chest and head than more common Western Kingbird. I did not notice if it had white outer tail feathers or not when it flew away. I do not see them in this photo. Would be a lifer if it is.
  7. Thanks Phalarope713. I saw 31 Swainson’s hawks today this is the only dark phase so threw me for a loop.
  8. Central Texas Panhandle 9-21-19 Needing help with this flock of shorebirds that came flying over a playa lake and a dark morph hawk. The hawk may have been injured because it let me get so close without flying and looks wet from last nights rains where others I saw were dry.
  9. thank you, Baird’s did cross my mind when trying to ID them.
  10. Located in farmland the central Texas Panhandle 9-8-19
  11. Needing help with these sparrows. They were all flocked together. Are they all Vesper's? Looks like all have white on the outer tail feathers although the third photo shows some yellow above eye and near the base of beak like Savannah's.
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