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  1. thank you, Baird’s did cross my mind when trying to ID them.
  2. Located in farmland the central Texas Panhandle 9-8-19
  3. Needing help with these sparrows. They were all flocked together. Are they all Vesper's? Looks like all have white on the outer tail feathers although the third photo shows some yellow above eye and near the base of beak like Savannah's.
  4. Central Texas Panhandle 8-24-19. This is probably a Rufous given the location but hoping it's an Allen's. Some literature I read said about the only way to tell the difference between female and immature ALHU and RUHU is the shape of tail feathers. I threw in a couple of poor photos I took at the feeder to help ID. Thanks in advance.
  5. Great, thanks HamRHead. I was leaning Solitary but just could not be 100%.
  6. Photo taken 8-23-19 in a small pool near a corn field in Central Texas Panhandle.
  7. Central Texas Panhandle today 8/17/19
  8. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo but all could get. Thinking I see rounding of the tail so I am leaning Cooper's but need help. Thanks, https://www.flickr.com/photos/152373269@N08/48561073907/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/152373269@N08/48561074147/in/dateposted-public/
  9. Here are pics showing tail length. I hope they help. I also cropped in more and lightened photos some.
  10. The Bird Nuts, let me look again. If I find one I will post it.
  11. This is a re-post of a Hawk photographed in the north central Panhandle of Texas. Photo taken 5-14-19. Species thrown out on my original post were possibly immature Broad-winged Hawk, Red-shouldered Hawk and Gray Hawk although it would be way north of it's range. Thanks in advance.
  12. A better location is Lake Meredith National Recreation Area around 40 miles NNE of Amarillo, Tx. Thanks
  13. Overlooked the eyes. Will wait for another response but either one will be lifers for me.
  14. Photo taken 5-14-19 in Central Texas Panhandle. I am thinking this is an immature Sharp-shinned eating a Great-plains Skink. Bird has bug eyes, squared tail and smallish legs.
  15. Thanks Akiley. The least is a lifer for me. It will be the first LEFL submitted to ebird on the National Recreation Area. I am stoked!
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