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  1. Thanks everyone, I changed in ebird to Orange-crowned Warbler. Warblers are hard enough and bad photos do not help.
  2. Thanks akandula. That is a lifer for me!
  3. Photos taken 9-24-2020 Central Texas Panhandle. All three photos are of the same bird.
  4. Photos taken 9-24-2020 Central Texas Panhandle. Is the first bird a Yellow-crowned Warbler? The second bird has me stumped. Thanks in Advance!
  5. Central Texas Panhandle 9-13-2020. Distance is was just too great for me to feel confident but it looks like a Sage Thrasher. Was with several others and a Curved-billed Thrasher.
  6. Texas Panhandle 8-31-2020. Small sparrow with clean breast with buffy sides. Eye line does not extend past eye to the bill. Maybe 1st year bird?
  7. Texas Panhandle, 8-30-2020. Thinking Savannah Sparrow? Same bird in both photos.
  8. zoomed in a bit more and added more lightroom adjustments. Probably did not help any though.
  9. Could it be a Loggerhead Shrike with tiny eye bar? Just throwing it out there. Dark wings and tail. I will admit it doesn't look right but oh well.
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