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  1. Central Texas Panhandle, 10/1/2022. I believe these photos are of the same bird but the third photo was taken a few minutes earlier than first two photos and I lost sight of the bird for a few minutes. Looks like a Warbler but help needed. Sorry for poor photos, bird not cooperative.
  2. Thanks Bird Nuts, I guess without vocalization differentiating between Eastern and Western is too difficult to make a correct ID?
  3. Northern Texas Panhandle 9/18/2022. Wood Pewee? Heard no vocalization.
  4. Northern Texas Panhandle 9/18/2022. Wood Pewee? Heard no vocalization.
  5. I think this is a Juvenile White-faced Ibis where the iris has not turned red yet but want to be sure it is not a Glossy. We do occasionally get a Glossy here but they are rare. Bottom photo is shooting into the sun, so the shadow creates issues. Central Texas Panhandle. 9-9-2022.
  6. Leaning female Orchard Oriole due to small size, yellow color underneath, darkish tail and I think I see dark wing. The thing throwing me is the tail, it seems very long but maybe because the photo is from underneath. Very large crop. Central Texas Panhandle - 8/14/2022
  7. Maxwell's NWR near Raton, New Mexico (N.E. New Mexico). 6/13/2022. Help with this flycatcher please. Thinking Willow?
  8. Thanks everyone, this area has Pewees, Olive-sided, Eastern Phoebe, Ash-throated, Western Kingbirds and Scissor-tailed. My mind is blown.
  9. Location - Central Texas Panhandle 6/8/2022. Leaning toward Willow Flycatcher but no loral-line or at least one I can see or Western Wood Peewee although if eye ring very faint, but I am uncertain.
  10. Is this a Bullock's x Baltimore hybrid. Photo taken in the Central Texas Panhandle 5/4/2022. Head coloration looks like there is more black than on a typical Bullock's Oriole. I saw both Bullock's and Baltimore at the same location on the same day.
  11. Photos taken 4/29/2022 Central Texas Panhandle. I took a guess, maybe I got one right. 1.) Western Sandpiper? 2.) Stilt Sandpipers? with the Long-billed Dowitcher 3.) Semipalmated on left and Least on the right?
  12. Is it possible to tell what warbler this is? Both photos are of the same bird taken with iPhone with major crop. Not my photos but was given permission to post. Canyon, Tx 4/26/2022. First thought is Wilson's Warbler but really just a guess.
  13. Last time I thought I found a Greater Scaup I was wrong. This time I think I have them. Central Texas Panhandle, 4/11/2022
  14. Thanks Tanager 101 and Caley for the detailed difference in head peak. I will keep this in mind next time I see a Scaup.
  15. Looks like a Greater Scaup with the smooth head and large bill. Am I correct? Central Texas Panhandle - 3-15-2022
  16. I am leaning towards Lesser Black-backed Gull but I am not too familiar with them. I have seen a couple 1st year LBBG here but never an adult. I cannot see the legs to see if they are yellow or pink (GBBG). I had no other bird to gage size but was larger than the common Ringed-billed Gulls. Central Texas Panhandle - 3-12-2022
  17. Central Texas Panhandle - 2/11/2022. I am leaning towards Thick-billed Longspur by looking at the "T" shaped tail pattern and dark wing bar. They would be a lifer for me if they are. These birds were coming to water at this retention pond in large flocks and drinking on the wing.
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