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  1. Awesome DLecy and RobinHood. Lifer! Thank You!
  2. I called it a Wilson's in the field but after downloading the image I had second thoughts. Probably just hoping!
  3. Central Texas Panhandle 9/9/2023. Could this be a Red-necked Phalarope. Looks like there is a dark eye and ear patch. There were several Wilson's on the playa as well. There have been reports of Red-necked in the area north of this location. Would be a lifer for me if it is.
  4. Charlie, I am terrible at shore birds on the shore much less in the air. They are so small and quick. I have to have a photo or a cooperative bird that will sit while I look for leg color, size comparisons, leg length, etc. but most do not like me enough to pose.
  5. Thanks, I thought they were all LEYE when I took the photo. Was surprised to see other species in the group after downloading the photo.
  6. Central Texas Panhandle, 8/26/2023. Is the bird labeled Stilt Sandpiper actually a Stilt Sandpiper? I think all the other are correct.
  7. Central Texas Panhandle 8/19/2023. I first observed this bird through my binoculars with a group or American Avocets. I originally thought it was a Long-billed Curlew size but the bill did not curve down. It was larger than a Long-billed Dowitcher and as I approached it took off and I was able to capture the poor images below. Could it be a Marbled Godwit?
  8. What sparrow is this? I am thinking Cassin's but not for sure. This is the only photo I got before it took off. Central Texas Panhandle, 8/13/2023
  9. Dunlin would be a lifer for me. I need to make another trip to this playa and get a better photo. Thanks,
  10. North Central Texas Panhandle, 8/6/2023. Need help with the two sandpipers in the background. I believe the three in the foreground are Least Sandpipers but the very out-of-focus ones in the background have me puzzled. Honestly, I did not even see them when I took the shot. I hope they can be IDed. Heavy crop!
  11. North Texas Panhandle 12/29/2022. On Christmas day I posted on this site, several photos of seven swans on our Local Lake. Photos were from a distance of approximately 1/2 mile away. Consensus was most were Tundra Swans. On December, 28th seven Swans were seen in a Cornfield some 20 miles north of the lake where I first observed them. The observer initially ID them as Trumpeter Swans. Today I visited the same location where they were observed yesterday and photographed six swans feeding in a cornfield. I can't help think these are the same birds I saw on the lake on the 25th because Swans are just not common here. So, now I am thinking they may be Trumpeter Swans since I have much better photos. What Say You!
  12. Thank You Avery, the U shape above the bill also has me thinking Tundra. I have one pic with a little better image quality but the birds postures does not help.
  13. Lake Meredith, Central Texas Panhandle 12/25/2022. I am assuming these are Tundra Swans over Trumpeter Swans due to distribution map. I have seen and photographed a Tunda Swan here before, but I was close enough to see details. These birds were almost 1/2 mile away so needless to say this is a heavy crop. Very cool birds for this location.
  14. Amarillo, Tx 12/17/2022. Photo post with permission of the original photographer who was with me during our CBC. Originally, I called this an Eared Grebe but there has been some debate on which Grebe it is. Either way I have fill out a Rare Bird Form for the regional reviewer. I do see contrast between the dark cap and cheek to make me think it might be a Horned but the bill makes me think Eared. Bird was at a Great distance so heavily cropped.
  15. Amarillo, Texas 12/7/2022. In the first photo are Gulls 1-4 & 6-8 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Gull 5 a Herring Gull? Others are Ring-billed Gulls. Second photo I think gull 2 is a Herring but not sure about the others. I have a difficult time with first and second cycle gulls.
  16. Looking at more photos could the original bird be an Eared Grebe instead of Western? This shot was taken near the other photos.
  17. Central Texas Panhandle, 10-14-2022. I took a photo of this Bald Eagle while out birding and when I downloaded the photos, I noticed the bird in the background. I get a Western Grebe vibe, but something does not look right. Could be the lighting. Also, this is an extreme crop. Is it identifiable?
  18. Maxwell's National Wildlife Refuge near Raton, New Mexico (Northeast New Mexico) 10/9/2022. Perched high in a tree. Poor photos but maybe enough detail. Light colored bottom bill, large eye ring, smooth light-yellow breast (that I blew out, sorry). Did not hear sing.
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