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  1. Here are pics showing tail length. I hope they help. I also cropped in more and lightened photos some.
  2. The Bird Nuts, let me look again. If I find one I will post it.
  3. This is a re-post of a Hawk photographed in the north central Panhandle of Texas. Photo taken 5-14-19. Species thrown out on my original post were possibly immature Broad-winged Hawk, Red-shouldered Hawk and Gray Hawk although it would be way north of it's range. Thanks in advance.
  4. A better location is Lake Meredith National Recreation Area around 40 miles NNE of Amarillo, Tx. Thanks
  5. Overlooked the eyes. Will wait for another response but either one will be lifers for me.
  6. Photo taken 5-14-19 in Central Texas Panhandle. I am thinking this is an immature Sharp-shinned eating a Great-plains Skink. Bird has bug eyes, squared tail and smallish legs.
  7. Thanks Akiley. The least is a lifer for me. It will be the first LEFL submitted to ebird on the National Recreation Area. I am stoked!
  8. Located in the Central Texas Panhandle. Small Flycatcher I am thinking Least Flycatcher? Yellow Warbler?
  9. They are the size of Buffleheads but we do not see too many this time of year around here. I agree with RobinHood and Sean C. Buffleheads. Thanks!
  10. Bufflehead was my first thought but just did not look quite right. But looks to be good fit.
  11. Central Texas Panhandle 5-1-19. Two different female ducks both alone. They look similar but not exactly. Poor quality photo, very overcast and highly cropped. I feel I should know these but I can't put my finger on it. first bird (2 photos) second bird (2 photos)
  12. Thanks for the lesson on the intergrade. I will be looking for these identifiers in the future.
  13. Taken 4-27-19 in the central Texas Panhandle. Both these birds were foraging together in the same tree. I am thinking both subspecies Myrtle's and Audubon's are represented here??? Myrtel's Myrtle's Audubon's Audubon's
  14. I can make out three numbers on one band and two on the other. I have a former coworker who works for USFWS here in Texas and works with T&E birds. I bet he will know where to start with past information on this bird. That reminds me I did not put location. I am in central Texas Panhandle and photo was taken today 4-13-19.
  15. At first glance I thought Peregrine but after I got home and downloaded the photos I'm not sure. This individual is double banded and I can make out most of the numbers on the bands with the number of photos I took.
  16. Lake Meredith in the central Texas Panhandle 4-12-19. In the first photo are these both Yellowlegs just greater and lessor and is the second photo a Lessor Yellowlegs as well?
  17. Lets try this again, I do not think the photos make it on my last post. Central Texas Panhandle 3-28-19. Leaning Horned Grebe because of white tip on bill?
  18. I agree with Pigeon - Banded water snake
  19. Taken 3-28-19 Central Texas Panhandle. Leaning Horned because I think I see white on the bill tip. Extreme cropped photos so poor quality. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7828/47473423902_f5f216d1a1_m.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7841/46802497054_fb904eb63e_m.jpg
  20. Thanks Jerry, I researched some on Harlan’s and with all the different variations in the RTHA family my head was ready to explode. I will read the attached article and see if it helps me in the future.
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