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  1. Hello, I am visiting central park. I know some of these are probably really obvious but want to be 100% sure. https://imgur.com/oelBRe4 (Tufted Titmouse?) https://imgur.com/M7fJ1ZO (some sort of thrush?) https://imgur.com/HTuCODk (some sort of treecreeper?) https://imgur.com/4fZFMVA (different type of treecreeper?) https://imgur.com/Otq0yDZ (Tufted Titmouse?) https://imgur.com/qHgv4Qm (some sort of thrush?) https://imgur.com/DdWdsbE (gold crowned sparrow?) https://imgur.com/C8GOdOA (woodpecker - unsure of which type) https://imgur.com/BCBGP8D (unsure) Thanks, K
  2. Thanks all. Just one more please. 8. https://imgur.com/a/46uB1wI
  3. Hello, I am not from California so need some help identifying these please: https://imgur.com/NMgqY5k https://imgur.com/dVjPIBS https://imgur.com/qCrfONv https://imgur.com/r05mPt1 https://imgur.com/CC7WfLm https://imgur.com/C7H5ywa https://imgur.com/01L5WXY Thanks in advance, Kieran
  4. I took a pic of this bird of prey at this exact place but can't find the name - http://www.waterfallgardens.com/images/banner-aviary/aviary4.jpg (La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica) Thanks in advance for any help, K
  5. Thanks @Fancy . Really appreciate it. A few more domestic ones I got today... Appreciate any help. 32. https://imgur.com/ugv5eoi 33. https://imgur.com/2Sft04t 34. https://imgur.com/3IGXwtc 35. https://imgur.com/0ExoN2Y (some sort of finch) 36. https://imgur.com/MANbCD2 (some sort of thursh?) 37. https://imgur.com/f4R8rFH (some sort of sparrow)
  6. Thanks for your help. 30. They have a hummingbird garden here and it's where I saw it - http://www.waterfallgardens.com/la_paz_waterfall_gardens.php 31. https://imgur.com/a/wVPnflt - any ideas?
  7. Thanks for your help. Appreciate if anyone can help with 26, 29 & 30 if possible please.
  8. 26. https://imgur.com/a/bxKtYuW (Is this a bronze tailed plumeteer?) 27. https://imgur.com/a/O1GGtHV Is this a violet sabrewing? 28. https://imgur.com/a/j22DQsJ (definitely a hummingbird but not sure) 29. https://imgur.com/a/s6PilB6 (definitely a hummingbird but not sure) 30. https://imgur.com/a/0d8FOmC
  9. Thanks. Appreciate all your help. Here's a better screenshot from 25 - https://imgur.com/E4iIZ9p .
  10. These new ones I spotted in an aviary but I am hoping are native to the area. Again appreciate all the help in advance. Kieran 18. https://imgur.com/YuRoiJ2 19. https://imgur.com/uuoHpSj 20. https://imgur.com/MLMA1hK 21. https://imgur.com/1i6V19P 22. https://imgur.com/G9Y1ApW 23. https://imgur.com/6kVdFio 24. https://imgur.com/9SJ33je 25. https://imgur.com/VcfARDD
  11. 17. https://imgur.com/a/y3NK21F Any idea what type of hummingbird this is please?
  12. Thanks to everyone for their help. Really appreciate it. 6. https://imgur.com/a/CfGMrXO (Here's some better pictures) 6. https://imgur.com/a/Y3N0maR (new) 16. https://imgur.com/RLjZwqc & https://imgur.com/pCL2MOk any ideas please? looks like some sort of a wren (again from costa rica)
  13. Correction: 2. https://imgur.com/nquCsob 3. https://imgur.com/oL4V9ez My assumption is that these are Blue-gray Tanager.
  14. 9. https://imgur.com/U3EuRAL 10. https://imgur.com/PPg91VM 11. https://imgur.com/yMV2ssW 12. https://imgur.com/F2efhFD 13. https://imgur.com/bZX6mk0 14. https://imgur.com/tWymMle 15. https://imgur.com/tWymMle
  15. 4. https://imgur.com/GBA29FR 5. https://imgur.com/UGaj1iW 6. https://imgur.com/s9jFoN0 7. https://imgur.com/IpOe6t5 8. https://imgur.com/BfSvJo3
  16. Hello, Appreciate any advice you can offer in identifying following please: 1. https://imgur.com/a/ym78a02 2. https://imgur.com/a/xy9C1Wa 3. https://imgur.com/a/xy9C1Wa I have a few more coming too.. Thanks in advance. K
  17. Hello, I am not native to San Francisco so these might be pretty standard but appreciate in advance any help. https://imgur.com/ZJhNC00 https://imgur.com/xyZ3NUS https://imgur.com/PNzVkuy https://imgur.com/2H2WumY https://imgur.com/6hlgiID https://imgur.com/P6XVYv5 Thanks, Kieran
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