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  1. So a like confirms that the person is correct? Is that understood within the whatbird community?
  2. Excellent! Thank you for the quick response Seanbirds. Can I get a second on Savannah Sparrow?
  3. This small bird was spotted on a trail in coastal South Carolina. Need ID help please.
  4. Thank you Tony! I definitely will try to see the other leg for possible banding should this little beauty return.
  5. Quite the surprise on my back porch this morning to see this bird come to my feeders. Glad I had my camera at hand. Seeking confirmation that this is an immature Indigo Bunting. And note this one is banded too. Does the color of the band mean anything? Thank you.
  6. Yes Charlie I photographed males recently elsewhere in Charleston (pictured). I guess what I saw today were youngsters or immatures as another respondent said.
  7. Oh good, sounds like I’m correct on the non-breeding male part. It did seem odd if they were all females. So brace is just two? How about raft, paddling and flush as collectives? These terms are all from whatbird.com.
  8. The pond behind my house in the Charleston, S.C. area doesn’t have many duck visitors but today a brace of five Hooded Mergansers spent some time here. At first I thought these were all females, but some research revealed that non-breeding males look this way. I’m thinking the ones with the solid dark bills are the males and the ones with the yellowish lower bill are females. The second photo shows the two types. Am I right or wrong from the jump. Also, if they are non-breeding males are they juveniles who by next year will be rocking the Hoodies distinctive big black and white heads? Thank yo
  9. Bird Brain- The headline was supposed to read Hawk Help. That is a good question you raise whether these hawks are he’s or she’s! Can anyone answer that and provide the insights?
  10. Thank you Bird Nuts and Merriam-Webster!
  11. Explain diagnostic please Bird Nuts.
  12. Thank you Kevin. Is it the time of year, the red shoulders not really showing? I usually don’t think of Hawks as cute. But the young one on the sign has a cute face. Could the one in the tree be the mother?
  13. Neat encounter at the pond near my house in the Charleston, SC area. Spotted a Hawk in the tree then another on the alligator warning sign as I was trying to get closer to photograph the one in the tree. I don’t see a red tail, nor red shoulders. Could these be juveniles? So I need help with a positive ID of each. Thank you.
  14. Yes Charlie I know what you mean. I see the Brown Thrashers all the time here in North Charleston. So I just assumed that was one at my feeder. Surprised to learn this is the Hermit Thrush, which I’ve only photographed once before in Tennessee.
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