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  1. Thanks for the responses! Not seeing the "yellow slippers" through me!
  2. I took these photos Sunday at Sullivan's Island, S.C. I believe these are both Great Egrets, but the bill doesn't look right. Thanks for helping with a positive ID.
  3. I need some help identifying a hummingbird and small bird I photographed this week in Colorado. The last two birds are the same type I believe. Thank you!
  4. All the places in MP you mention can be good birding spots Charlie. The park that goes under the Ravenel Bridge can be a great spot for sunsets and maybe some birds and boats. Has a pier also.
  5. Yes there may have been bother Greater and Lesser Yellow Legs out there.
  6. Here is another image of the bird in question with a pair of Blue-winged Teal. Thank you Charlie for your responses. I thought this one was a bit larger then the Lesser Yellow Legs. Other comments?
  7. Spotted this bird among many other types- and gators too- in coastal South Carolina’s ACE Basin on Sunday. Seeing if I am correct that these are Greater Yellow Legs. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the corrections. Forster’s Tern is also a lifer for me, in terms of photographing, so it’s all good!
  9. The beach at Sullivan’s Island, SC today. I did not notice the forked tail until I transferred the photos to my iPad. Am I correct that this is the Fork-tailed Flycatcher. It was going for fish not flies today, swooping down into the water. Lifer for me if so.
  10. Pine Warbler really bright, making me think could be something else. Thank you IKLland!
  11. Charleston, SC area- Have had some Baltimore Orioles coming to my grape jelly bowl. A female is shown here. But I’m not sure what this vibrant yellow beauty is. And this third type- Yellow-rumpled Warbler? Thank you for the ID help. All pix taken today.
  12. Yeah that’s not my pix though, unfortunately.
  13. Did hear them, but not sure what they were. Were very loud. I have listened to Rusty BB calls and it didn’t seem to sound like that. Hope they come back.
  14. Maybe Grackles? Wish I had better pix to help decide for sure.
  15. Brewer’s would be a lifer for me too. But they aren’t as common in SC in the winter, based on this website.
  16. Hope so too Avery! Let’s see if I few more folks respond.
  17. Flocks or “clouds” of Rusty Blackbirds have been spotted in my Charleston, SC area neighborhood recently. Heard a cacophony of birds early this morning, went out and took some very mediocre photos. Wondering if these are Rusties. Hope so because this would be a lifer for me!
  18. I did notice that too, thinking it was an awkward flyer. On ground I did not notice a limp.
  19. I’m torn by which Heron this one is. Photographed a few days ago in Charleston, SC area. Looks too large for Little Blue but doesn’t show the Tri-colored’s white throat and belly. Thanks for any ID help.
  20. Also spotted today near Chicago’s Navy Pier were some gulls. I am pretty sure these are Ring-billed Gulls. Just seeking confirmation. Thank you.
  21. Thank you! I’ve not heard the term eclipse plumage before. Please further enlighten.
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