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  1. I learned a new thing to look for thank you!
  2. What are patagial bars Tony? Thank you.
  3. I photographed this hawk yesterday in South Carolina’s ACE Basin south of Charleston. Not sure the type of hawk. What are the distinguishing features? Thank you.
  4. Thank you Kevin! Can you tell whether it's a male or female?
  5. I captured these images first thing this morning in my front yard in the Charleston, S.C. area. I’m pretty sure this is a Red-shouldered Hawk. Just want to make sure. Thank you.
  6. Spotted this bird at a Charleston, S.C. church graveyard yesterday. Its bill looks Finch to me. But its body doesn't seem to fit the House Finch, a female or juvenile. Help please. Thank you.
  7. Great call, thank you you two! My photos don't really pick up the yellow legs that well, but upon closer inspection I do see some that coloring. I appreciate the quick and accurate help!
  8. The leggy shorebirds can be tough to identify, for me anyway. I took this recently in South Carolina's Bear Island WMA in the ACE Basin. I suspect it's a Stilt Sandpiper but may be wrong. Thank you, in advance, for the help.
  9. Thank you von Humboldt! It was a pair of Mottled Ducks. It was just the two in this pond. Likely a male and female.
  10. Mottled Ducks look right. Thank you Connor!
  11. Thanks Charlie. The lighting is different but these ducks were shot at the same time and location. I’m pretty sure they are the same type. Not sure about Mallards. Other thoughts whatbird folks?
  12. I photographed a pair of ducks this week in South Carolina’s ACE Basin (Bear Island). Are these Ruddy Ducks or another type? Thank you for the ID help.
  13. Oh my, poor thing. I thought I could see eyes above those smaller bills.
  14. A few days ago I noticed this Mourning Dove by my backyard feeders. Noticing its face I thought maybe it had some kind disease or virus. But once I took a closer look at my photos it looks like there’s at least one small bird, maybe two, in the dove’s mouth. Could it be carrying its offspring? Feeding them perhaps? It’s very disturbing looking don’t you think?
  15. Hi Charlie- I had the Rose-breasted Grosbeak for several days in my North Charleston, SC backyard not an Indigo. Have not seen Rosie in a few days so may be heading north.
  16. Thank you for the tip Charlie. Yes, seem to be many sightings of this bird in the Carolinas now! A definite treat for me today!
  17. Thank you for clearing this up! Maybe wishful thinking that I could see the female too.
  18. This morning in the Charleston, SC area I was treated to a lifer bird in my backyard. Here’s the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak that dined on my Sunday buffet. My question is about this other one that stopped in around the same time. Is this the female Grosbeak of this type. I didn’t get the best photos. Going by one of my guidebooks this looks similar to the female. What do you think?
  19. Yes in the Charleston area, I should have included that. I can see the YRW now. Thank you akandula! I didn’t get a view or photo showing the yellow spot on the backside. Is Myrtle YRW a specific type of this bird?
  20. I did get this shot also. I don’t see the YRW signature “butter butt”.
  21. I have photographed this lovely bird in my backyard before. It seems to fit the profile of a Yellow-throated Warbler except for its white throat. What am I? Thank you and keep staying safe everyone.
  22. You never know where and when you’ll see birds to photograph! We just checked in to our hotel in Asheville, NC and from our fifth floor patio I see these two birds in a tree across the street. I was able to steady my camera on the low wall. I believe these to be a male and female House Finch. Am I correct?
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