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  1. 4 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

    FYI, now that we have unlimited 'Likes', we're encouraging using those and getting away from seconding, thirding, etc.  In this case, The Bird Nuts' 'Like' acts as a 'Seconded' post.

    So a like confirms that the person is correct? Is that understood within the whatbird community? 

  2. The pond behind my house in the Charleston, S.C. area doesn’t have many duck visitors but today a brace of five Hooded Mergansers spent some time here. At first I thought these were all females, but some research revealed that non-breeding males look this way. I’m thinking the ones with the solid dark bills are the males and the ones with the yellowish lower bill are females. The second photo shows the two types. Am I right or wrong from the jump. Also, if they are non-breeding males are they juveniles who by next year will be rocking the Hoodies distinctive big black and white heads? Thank you. 



  3. Neat encounter at the pond near my house in the Charleston, SC area. Spotted a Hawk in the tree then another on the alligator warning sign as I was trying to get closer to photograph the one in the tree. I don’t see a red tail, nor red shoulders. Could these be juveniles? So I need help with a positive ID of each.  Thank you. 




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