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  1. Yes Charlie because it happens so rarely, right? Any way to tell whether this juvy is a boy or girl?
  2. Thank you so much Akandula for the ID help and compliment!
  3. Seeking confirmation- is this a Red-tailed Hawk, possibly a juvenile one? Spotted this beauty today in Charleston, S.C. When it flew away I didn’t see red feather tails. It let people get pretty close while perched on a low branch next to a downtown hotel. Thank you for the help!
  4. Thank you so much! We do have many Bluebirds around so this makes sense. Thanks for the detailed breakdown.
  5. Spotted in my backyard in Charleston, SC area. I’ve seen Hermit Thrushes a few times. Is this another. Photos aren’t the best. Thank you.
  6. Photographed near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia last weekend. Am I correct calling Chipping Sparrow?
  7. Thanks for the ground hog/wood chuck identifications. I did some more checking after I posted and realized this is not a hedge hog. That's what my parents called them so I'll have to let them know what they really are. Big sucker this ground hog!
  8. To be honest I'm not sure what this critter is. Maybe someone can help. My parents say it's a hedgehog so they are probably correct. I did see a few more in the area later. They seem to be abundant in the Chesapeake Bay part of Virginia's Northern Neck.
  9. Interesting feedback. It likely is a toy. Maybe someone put it on or under the dock to try to scare off other critters. I did see and photograph a hedgehog on a nearby dock.
  10. It may be a toy. It didn’t seem to move but in the one photo there’s something on it or wrapped around it.
  11. Thank you! I do now notice the forked tail strands on the first one. The angle made me think it could be a different type.
  12. I took these on a creek near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. I have identified the bird with the forked tail as a Barn Swallow. But the other one I do not know. Please help. And yes that is a snake hanging from the dock. I didn’t know that until I uploaded the photos. Bizarre right?
  13. Thank you two for the responses. I hope the red male comes around too!
  14. This is my only other decent shot, which required brightening. I have spotted male and female Summer Tanagers here in coastal South Carolina. Never the Scarlett variation.
  15. This was taken just now in my backyard near Charleston, SC. Not a regular patron of my free buffet so excited to see an unfamiliar face!
  16. OK thank you all for the help. Lighting occurred to me but I thought the coloring a bit severe from just lighting.
  17. I’m thinking this is a Grackle of the boat tailed variety, as I’ve seen many before here in coastal South Carolina’s ACE Basin. But the gray color on the tail feathers I’ve not seen before. Maybe it’s another bird?
  18. Thank you for all the responses. HamRHead the piece you shared on Forster vs. Commn Tern is very helpful. I pinned it to my bird Pinterest board for safekeeping and future reference. The Forster Tern would be a lifer bird for me too! This photo of the same scene, a little blurry, confirms Forster, right? Thank you all again!
  19. Yes the tern ID sound right. Thank you The Bird Nuts! Let’s see if others can confirm the type.
  20. Please help with these birds, gulls I’m pretty sure, that I photographed in South Carolina’s ACE Basin Sunday. Northern Shovelers are in the background. Thank you!
  21. Photographed this pair Sunday in South Carolina’s ACE Basin. Need help identifying. Thank you!
  22. https://youtu.be/IFAI8pBtwKQ Sunday, March 10, 2019, I captured on video a "bowl" of Roseate Spoonbills feeding along a shallow former rice field canal. This was in South Carolina's ACE Basin at the Bear Island Wildlife Management Area. These birds are truly one of nature's most unique looking animals! My video is short, runs one minute 15 seconds.
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