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  1. I did say Charleston at the top. But yes I'll keep that in mind regarding photo enhancements. Thank you for the ID help!
  2. So Charlie you think also this is a Pine Warbler?
  3. Yes Ivory I processed it some, which dud bring out the yellow more. Here is the original. Still going with Pine Warbler? Other comments?
  4. https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fwFiB2TZozc/W9-RikgOE7I/AAAAAAAAsWQ/CLzwGx7R8JU34Yhcx3_j3Ze-n65k1xKsACLcBGAs/s1600/121244D0-695E-4B54-BC74-1B2C14825D36.jpeg This bird seen around same time I also believe to be a Pine Warbler.
  5. Seeking help with this pretty bird I photographed today in the Charleston, SC area. I'm thinking Pine Warbler. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for your responses. Yes I’m in Charleston, SC. Solitary Sandpiper is a lifer bird for me, so thank you even more! Have you seen the white spots that these have? First time using this forum in a while. I had been active on it for years but just learned of the crash. Had to reregister as I guess everyone did.
  7. Hello- I need some help identifying these birds photographed today at a Charleston cemetery pond. I suspect Common Sandpiper but the white spots don't match what I'm seeing in my guide books. Hope someone can help. Thank you.
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