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  1. Thank you, Tony. I’m guessing what I saw in his mouth wasn’t a berry. I have much respect for those who photograph birds. It was quite a challenge for me to keep my eye on this bird and manage to get a few shots of it. Had we not just had our tree pruned I may not have seen him!
  2. @ Charlie Spencer "Respectfully, was he actually eating berries or did you assume that's what he's doing? " That's a good questions. He was up very high and moving a lot so I was having difficulty following him. At one point I thought I saw something red in his mouth that looked like a small berry. However, this tree has acorns not berries. But, there is a Brazilian Pepper Tree close by which has little red berries. I suppose he could have flown over with the berry in his mouth. The short answer is I assumed that's what he was doing. I just looked that up on the Cornell site and it looks exactly like the little bird I saw! Thank you, Charlie and Geoff!
  3. Ruth


    What is this bird? I think it's very similar to the one I'm trying to identify but I'm in South Florida
  4. I saw this little guy in my live oak tree. I live in Broward County, Florida (south FL). He was hopping from branch to branch, looking for berries. He's gray-ish and white. Only about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. It was hard to tell but I think he may have had some white feathers in his wings and his tail is very short. His feathers looked either gray or bluish gray to me. Anybody know what he is? (I'm new at this so I apologize straight up front if this is a very common bird)
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