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  1. Seen today, about 50Km East of Toronto. The line over the eye and the barring on the breast and underneath makes me think Winter Wren instead of House Wren.
  2. Taken this past weekend in Northern Ontario. Lake Superior area.
  3. All three were seen this past weekend in Northern Ontario around Lake Superior. Can't seem to identify them since I expect that all (maybe not #1?) are not adults.
  4. Is it a female/immature or Rose-Sided (although the location seems way off for the latter)? Colouring seems off for Slate Coloured.
  5. Seen Sept 25 east of Toronto on shore of Lake Ontario
  6. Looking to confirm all Swamp Sparrows. 1-3 September in Southern Ontario. #4 in August Central Ontario.
  7. Sparrows 1, 3 & 4 Southwest Ontario early September. Sparrow 2 in Northern Ontario in July
  8. Northern Ontario in May for 1 & 2. Southwest Ontario in August for #3
  9. Just saw this bird about 30 mins ago. White pigeon? Weird that it’s tagged if it’s a pigeon? Seen just east of Toronto.
  10. Taken this afternoon just east of Toronto. Given the colouring around the eyes and the dark legs, I'm guessing Great Egret and not Gr Blue Heron White Morph.
  11. Thanks. ? It was really just a lucky picture. The background is all water, no sky. No tweaking of the picture. I don't have that level of expertise.
  12. This was taken today just east of Toronto. I believe that I have a Yellow Legs on the left, and a Dunlin on the right. I'm curious about the bird in the middle which I think is an immature Hudsonian Godwit. Would appreciate confirmation. Second picture is same bird.
  13. Looks like a common loon with non-breeding plumage.
  14. Taken mid-September just east of Toronto. Not sure if this is Purple or House Finch.
  15. Taken mid-September just east of Toronto. Suspect immature common gallinule.
  16. Taken in Helsinki and St Petersburg at the end of June. They look like common blackbirds, but would appreciate confirmation.
  17. Taken today just east of Toronto. Not sure what this is...Hudsonian Godwit or Dowitcher?
  18. Taken today just east of Toronto. Length of the bill makes me think Greater YL?
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