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  1. Northern Rough-Winged Swallows? Taken today, 50 Kms east of Toronto.
  2. Chipping Sparrow? Taken today, 50Kms east of Toronto.
  3. Brown Thrasher? Taken today, 50 Kms east of Toronto.
  4. First taken Tuesday, second and third taken today, 50Kms east of Toronto. I believe the first is a Caspian Tern - hard to make out the legs, but since they don't seem to be red, I'm guessing Caspian. For the second and third pictures, I assumed based on location that it was a Common Tern, but upon closer inspection I'm thinking it may be Forsters - bill looks more orange with distinctive black tip.
  5. Not sure if this can be identified. Taken today, Oshawa, 50 Kms East of Toronto. Guessing Kestrel or Merlin?
  6. Always nice to see a response that is informative and helpful as opposed to one that is condescending and cantankerous. Thanks, mills0000. ?
  7. Not sure what this is. Taken today in Oshawa, 50Kms East of Toronto.
  8. Not sure what this is. Female Long-Tailed Duck perhaps? Seen today in Oshawa 50 Kms East of Toronto.
  9. Hoping that I can confirm that this is a Lesser Scaup based on the peak at the back of the head, and lack of greenish iridescence. It was very windy today, and coming from behind the bird so that is giving me pause to confirm Lesser. You will note in the second picture that the feathers on top of the head are clearly being blown up by the wind. Taken today about 50Kms East of Toronto.
  10. Taken today. Leaning towards female because of the lighter underside. 50Km (30mi) East of Toronto.
  11. Thank you for both very detailed confirmations. Very much appreciated.
  12. Just east of Toronto, ON. Might have been too far away to confirm, but based on the colouring pattern I think it looks like a Juvenile Bald Eagle.
  13. Seen today in Oshawa about 50Kms (30 mi) East of Toronto. Guessing Bonaparte's because of the pink legs on the dark headed gull.
  14. Both seen today in Oshawa about 30 mins east of Toronto. I note that the black bird doesn't have any glossy or iridescent feathers. Makes me think it is a Rusty Blackbird, and not a Grackle. For the duck, I keep thinking I've got an American Black Duck but when I get home to check it's either a Female Mallard or Female Gadwall. Hoping this is a Male ABD this time.
  15. Taken today in Oshawa, ON (50 kms east of Toronto) at the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve.
  16. Taken today at Darlington Provincial Park about 50 kms East of Toronto.
  17. Saw this yesterday and today, about 50Km east of Toronto. At first I thought it was a Cooper's Hawk, but today I noticed that it seemed small for a hawk. Also thought he was munching on a rabbit (there are lots in our area) until I looked closely at the picture and noticed the feathers.
  18. Looks like a clay-colored sparrow to me. Not 100% sure though.
  19. Actually my first guess may have been incorrect. Downy and Hairy don’t have streaked or spotted bellies. This could be a Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker.
  20. Hard to say for sure without seeing the tail feathers. A Downy woodpecker would have black spots on the outside tail feathers that are white. That being said, the beak looks a little long for Downy. My guess is Hairy woodpecker.
  21. Looks like a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.
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