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  1. Taken at the end of June 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark. Can't seem to find any other Heron that goes this far north in Europe. Maximum zoom on an older camera so the quality isn't great.
  2. Taken in Copenhagen mid-June. No marks on the bills and the yellow legs is making me think Mew Gulls.
  3. I believe the first is an immature pine warbler, and the second and third are female pine warblers. Would appreciate confirmation of my guesses. Taken a few weeks ago just south of Sudbury, Ontario.
  4. Quality isn't great since it's really zoomed in. North shore of Lake Ontario. I suppose this could be a juvenile too.
  5. Dang. Was really hoping it was a tanager, but yeah I see it now.
  6. Thought this was a warbler at first until I saw the beak. Taken today in Oshawa ON, close to Lake Ontario.
  7. Shores of Lake Ontario - Oshawa. Colours aren't very defined.
  8. Leaning towards Antillean Grackle with this one. Can I rule out Great Tailed Grackle?
  9. Not sure if this is an immature common black bird or some type of thrush. Spotted June 28, 2019.
  10. Saw this last week at Darlington Provincial Park just east of Toronto on Lake Ontario. Seemed to be bigger than the other Ring-billed Gulls. My only guess is Herring Gull.
  11. Thank you all! I had been getting Grackles and Starlings at my feeder. Had to change the food to get rid of them. Cardinals and Finches are slowly returning.
  12. I was guessing yellow-bellied sapsucker, but the plumage seems a lot darker, and there doesn't appear to be red on the crown to go with red throat. Taken just north of Wawa, Ontario in August of last year. Any help to confirm is very much appreciated.
  13. Taken yesterday just east of Toronto. Thought it was a female brown headed cowbird but the beak doesn't look right. Not sure what it is. Any help to identify is very much appreciated.
  14. Can't seem to identify these, but I think it should be an easy one. Taken Friday, east of Toronto.
  15. Taken this morning at my backyard feeder. Just east of Toronto. I'm leaning towards immature Sharp-shinned, but would appreciate confirmation.
  16. Thank you. I didn't realize the first was tan-striped until I took the picture of the white-striped and noticed the difference between the two.
  17. For #2 I would simply add that it looks like a male Slate-Coloured variant.
  18. Compared to the first (which is clearly a White-striped adult) can the second be considered a Tan-Striped Adult, or is it just the lighting? The second was taken last week just east of Toronto.
  19. House Finch or Purple Finch? Neither? Taken last week just east of Toronto.
  20. Thanks. I was hoping it was the Thrush. Now I have to un-cross one from my list.....dang.
  21. They look so similar. This was taken at Grundy Lake Provincial park in Ontario, Canada in June of this year.
  22. Thank you, Bird Nuts. So for the Canada Warbler, would you consider the necklace dark enough that it's a male, or not dark enough, and therefore female? Bay-breasted is a juvenile then?
  23. If anyone can help to ID these two, it would be greatly appreciated. Taken Sunday, Sept 23, at Lynde Shores in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
  24. Thank you for responding, Blackburnian. For my future reference, how has it been determined that it is a Caspian Tern over a Common Tern?
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