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  1. Good call! For some reason I was thinking "orange sparrow". Thanks!
  2. I could use some help with this one, I'm thinking a juvenile Nelson's but not sure. There were 4 individuals that looked the same plumage perched in the same spot. Central Ohio, 9/11/22.
  3. Does this bird look good for an Olive-sided Flycatcher? In the field it looked a little small, but it has the dark vest. Taken in North-central Ohio, 8-30-22
  4. Thanks! I was 99% sure, the side view just looked pretty slender. Thanks for the confirmation
  5. I'm almost sure this is a juvi Song Sparrow, but the more slender-ish body style like a Savannah gave me a little hesitation. Would just like some confirmation. Thanks! North-central Ohio, 8-25-22
  6. I think you're right! Henslow's didn't enter my mind for some reason, thanks!
  7. Unfortunately, this is the only other one I have, it was a fair distance and it fled quickly after I got focus on it
  8. Taken in Columbus Ohio, today (Nov 1, 2021) I'm fairly certain that this is a LeConte's but facial pattern looks a different than other photos I've seen. Thanks!
  9. 9-24-21 north central Ohio Heavily cropped and underexposed images. I don't see much of an eye ring, if any at all. Thanks!
  10. Taken today in Central Ohio. Is this a Bell's Vireo? It doesn't exactly have a vireo bill. Or is it a female/ juvenile of something common? It almost looks like some kind of flycatcher too https://www.flickr.com/gp/147833620@N04/3t8353
  11. Yeah these ones are stumping me. I didn't think California initially, it has been several years since one has been seen in Ohio. Bill pattern is what made me shy away from Herring.
  12. This was taken in Central Ohio, yesterday 12/31. I'm thinking glaucous gull? Gulls are not my forte https://www.flickr.com/gp/147833620@N04/1D9FM0
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