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  1. Wow. if I can only get a better photo, it would make my day. It was flying by overhead and the trees were in the way. By the time I got to the clearing in the open sky, it was far away. 😭
  2. Fuzzy photos taken in Chicago, IL. A bird circling at a far distant. Hope this is enough to get ID.
  3. Taken in Chicago, IL. #1 Lincoln's Sparrow? #2 Lincoln's Sparrow? #3 Swamp Sparrow?
  4. So this would be a Song Sparrow with some whites?
  5. Yeah. I can see the difference now. A front view makes it clearer.
  6. So hard to tell the fine streak marks. My bird photo looks to me to be broad lines.
  7. Thanks. I can't tell the difference from the two.
  8. It's a very young Northern Cardinal. It flew close to my home and landed on the vine, taking a rest while the flock of other Cardinals fly to and back in my area. It rested for a long while giving me a chance to take many photos and videos. Love that bird.
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