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  1. I thought it was at first but was confused with the whites on the side of tail, thinking it should be yellow as seen on websites. Thanks.
  2. Northern Illinois. I think this is a Blackpoll Warbler.
  3. I'll just name it hawk species then. Thanks.
  4. Wow. I never would have guessed it. Thanks.
  5. Northern Illinois. Taken by my relative on May 11. He wants to know what it is.
  6. Northern Illinois. Hope you can identify this hawk, dark images only.
  7. Northern Illinois. Is it Nashville Warbler?
  8. Northern Illinois. Merlin says House Wren but it don't look like it.
  9. OK. I'll record it as Tennessee Warbler. Thanks.
  10. Northern, Illinois. Is this a Chestnut-sided Warbler?
  11. I didn't get a good look. I saw it from the side, then it flew off. I'm going to call it Northern since others have recorded Northern and not Louisiana during that period.
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