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  1. That is a possibility. We had reports over the past 2 weeks of Snow Bunting in this area.
  2. I heard but didn't spot the bird until it was distant and flying away. A small bird maybe about the size of a sparrow, looking very light color. I could only see the backside as it disappeared. Can this be identified?
  3. I was surprised when this bird showed up behind a flock of blackbirds at a low height. Had 2 seconds to take these shots. Merlin says Sharp-shinned Hawk. What do you think?
  4. Took this bad photo today. What does this look like? Merlin says White-rumped Sandpiper.
  5. Good find. I was at that page but I thought the photo I had didn't look anything like the one on the zoo's website but I was wrong. Thanks again.
  6. Very quick response. I never thought it would be a stork. Thanks. 😀
  7. I took these photos 12 years ago from Lincoln Park Zoo. I forgot to get the name back then. I checked their website recently but its not in there. What kind of bird is it? It looks to be some kind of heron.
  8. Taken today. Merlin showed Kirtland's Warbler but I have my doubt. What is this warbler?
  9. I've been flagged by an ebird reviewer today. He said it's a Ring-billed Gull. Go figure.
  10. Taken today. A fellow birder said Carolina Wren but Merlin app. identified it as Marsh Wren. I can see black band behind the neck so I think it's Marsh.
  11. Super. A lifer! What makes this different from Ring-billed or Herring gull?
  12. Taken yesterday. I can't tell the difference between Gulls.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't remember. I take photos and forget.
  14. It's in south end of Chicago, by Lake Calumet.
  15. Taken today. Birds were so far way so I cannot get good images. Are these Sandhill Cranes?
  16. OK. Thanks. Too bad I have bad photos.
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