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  1. I don't know if this is a duck but it looks different. Also, is the third photo of a young bird related? They both seem to be splashing about similarly. Taken in Chicago, IL.
  2. What is this bird with red at the front part of its neck and under beak? I saw this in Chicago, IL.
  3. I wonder if the first 2 photos are the male red-winged blackbird. I have seen only the jet black ones. Also, is the third photo a juvenile female red-winged blackbird?
  4. Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.
  5. I researched the bird on the internet and found this to be Killdeer. Is it a juvenile? Male or female? I took this in Chicago, IL.
  6. Its in Chicago. I'm surprised the male is mostly black while the female looks like an overgrown sparrow. They seem like they are different species.
  7. I cannot identify this brown & white bird with reddish/brown spot on its upper wings. It flew about nearby me for a while. What's the name of this bird?
  8. I was looking over my older photos and need to identify this bird. What is it? Ray from Chicago , IL
  9. Thanks all for the quick responses. This bird made my day.
  10. I found this bird laying on its belly on the concrete walkway. It wouldn't move away as I pass around it and it stares at me. After a few moments, it hops to a nearby tree and starts to slowly climb 4 feet up a tree and stops. Then goes about it merry ways and pecks at the tree as if I'm not there, being 5 feet away. Strange, most animals would flee. Anyways, I'm delighted this is my first encounter of this type of bird in my 60 years in Chicago, IL. Unfortunately, all I had at the time was my low resolution wide-angled phone camera. Is this a woodpecker? Juvenile? Ray
  11. I saw this bird yesterday resting in Chicago. I have attached a low quality photo, sorry (all I had was my phone camera).
  12. Thanks for the quick replies. You guys know your stuff. 😁
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