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  1. Super. Is this an adult female or a juvenile? I have seen the male back in April. Thanks.
  2. Just what I thought it was. Thanks.
  3. Taken in Chicago, IL. It was flying at a far distance and I took a couple quick shots before it disappear, the reason for the photos being awful. What may this be?
  4. Taken in Chicago, IL. I have seen 2 Kestrels for the past 7 months in my area. Recently, a 3rd appear. I'm pretty sure the first is an adult female & the second being an adult male. But the third one I'm guessing to be a juvenile having more spots at the chest area. Am I correct?
  5. Taken in Chicago, IL. I could not get another angle shot. It was from a distant.
  6. Taken in Chicago, IL. I wanted to be sure it's Hooded Merganser.
  7. I've read the article but it got me more confused than ever. I'll leave the ID's to the expert. Thanks for the information everyone.
  8. Great. Is it a juvenile? It seems to be half the size of a Mallard.
  9. Boy. I see House Sparrows all the time but they can look different up in the tree. Thanks.
  10. So a Bank Swallow with maybe a juvenile with adult?
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