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  1. Which Thrush ? Taken this morning in Eastchester ,New York
  2. Is this a Golden-winged female Hybrid ? Taken today iMay-23-22 n Orange County New York Thank You !
  3. These photos were taken today 2-24-22 in West Palm ,Florida
  4. Is this a Whippoorwill or a Chuck’s?? Taken 2-6-22 in South Florida ! Thank you ….
  5. Today , Port St Lucie, Florida..... I`m thinking Solitary ?????
  6. Yes,looks almost identical, thank you everyone...
  7. Is this A Orange-crowned Warbler ??Taken this A.M. in Boynton Beach ,Florida
  8. Taken today on the beach in West Palm , Florida... Think its a Merlin , But i haven`t seen one with strong mask...
  9. Taken yesterday in Scarsdale NY I think its a Nelson's but not really sure... Thanks in advance
  10. Taken this A.M. in Westchester County NY Is this a Tennessee or Orange-crowned and why ? thanks ....
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