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  1. 1. I think the extent of rufous look in range for Blue-tailed based off of images on eBird. Tail shape, with the longer central feathers, all supports Blue-tailed. 

    2. I can't really help with this one, but it does seem that Kentish Plovers usually have darker legs, and these ones are pretty pale. 

    3. Strikes me as a Wood Sandpiper

    4. First impression was some accipiter, but I can't find a perfect match on eBird...

  2. 26. I think this could fit Green-crowned Brilliant better, just as there isn't much copper in the rump and the tail has a more bluish iridescence. I personally probably can't put a confident ID on it just with the back though. 

    29 is a juvenile Green-crowned Brilliant. 

    What was the location for #30? It's a female mountain-gem, and they have pretty distinct ranges to help separate them. 


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