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  1. @MerMaeve If I remember correctly from the thread on the old site, it's basically to try to show the Whatbird community's photographic life list. Has to be your photo and there shouldn't be repeats (i.e: you and I shouldn't both put a Glaucous-winged Gull), and that's basically it. It's cool to see how many species in the ABA area we collectively have managed to photograph. 

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  2. 54. Siberian Accentor

    23650747444_99a8dc5f0c_b.jpgSiberian Accentor!! by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    55. Bar-tailed Godwit

    21046611994_ed1d8b9ef4_b.jpgBar-tailed Godwit! by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    56. Tufted Duck

    16755860621_bdfb1a1c5f_b.jpgTufted Duck! by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    57. Buff-breasted Sandpiper

    29197460842_fbbeecec96_b.jpgBuff-breasted Sandpiper by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    58. Grasshopper Sparrow

    26998553092_5e3141285c_b.jpgGrasshopper Sparrow by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    59. Brewer's Sparrow

    28633513433_b3a3101866_b.jpgBrewer's Sparrow by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    60. Hoary Redpoll

    23286930944_40ee9b73a1_b.jpgHoary Redpoll by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    61. Great Grey Owl

    26015396501_8c62947450_b.jpgGreat Grey Owl by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    62. Brant

    17722306466_b381a86848_b.jpgBrant! by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    63. Cassin's Vireo

    20045933729_bf120e0329_b.jpgCassin's Vireo by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    64. Common Murre

    21006987968_c7a7e3180c_b.jpgCommon Murre by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

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  3. 37: Wood Duck

    28048111418_5ac40fb649_b.jpgWood Duck by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    38: Violet-green Swallow

    41591324281_c7623e9301_b.jpgViolet-green Swallow by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    39: Peregrine Falcon

    39770976964_cc8765eeba_b.jpgPeregrine Falcon by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    40: Bald Eagle

    39229311055_54a1c945af_b.jpgBald Eagle by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    41: Horned Lark

    37863936866_45a7cb946b_b.jpgHorned Lark by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    42: Black Skimmer

    36219334544_0c277f1304_b.jpgBlack Skimmer by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    43: Whimbrel

    36198421934_b7cd579544_b.jpgLong-billed buddies by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    44: Common Poorwill

    35409587783_e19ec22fbf_b.jpgCommon Poorwill by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    45: Brandt's Cormorant

    36169324114_16e602557c_b.jpgBrandt's Cormorant by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

    46: Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch

    35942800506_d4b9653fb3_b.jpgGrey-crowned Rosy-Finch by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

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  4. 54 minutes ago, HamRHead said:

    Yeah, I thought about your Australia trip report, which I greatly enjoyed. I know it represented a lot of work. It brought back some great memories of a similar trip my wife and I took. I still remember the smell on Heron Island. I think it was largely from the Noddy Terns. I meant to open up your report for my wife to read and I never got around to it. Now...:classic_sad:

    Yeah… just finished it too. As I said I still have the writeup itself saved, fortunately, and the photos (most downloaded onto Flickr and eBird as well. Also, if you wanted I could actually send you the writeup). When I was looking around the trip report section I also found the first pages of two other trip reports of mine, so at least I have those too. The Australia one was too recently published to have been saved though, I think. Not even sure how the archive thing completely works, to be honest, but it's cool to look around. 

    And yes, the noddies had quite the smell!

  5. My thoughts are likely very consistent with others - glad the website is back and that the administrators have worked so hard to restart it, but sentimental to the loss of so many posts. This forum helped me improve my ID skills so much and allowed for me to connect with a community of birders, including so many other young birders. I also agree that it would be awesome if some of the old posts could be brought back, but understand if that is virtually impossible. 

    5 hours ago, guy_incognito said:

    My thoughts are very much like JimBob's.

    I certainly haven't been as active here as I used to be, and I considered not rejoining.  However, I do still like to check in every once in a while, especially for trip reports.  I must say, I'll be really bummed if the old trip reports are lost.  Myself and many others have spent a lot of time creating those reports. 

    My trip reports were one of the first things I thought of too. I still have all of the writeups on my computer, but without the photos and everything included. I've spent some time browsing through some web archives, as I clearly have nothing better to do at the moment, and a few of yours have actually been saved. 



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