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  1. Paul Contreras

    Strange mallard (possible hybrid or breed)

    I’ll keep that in mind, thnx 😁
  2. Paul Contreras

    Strange mallard (possible hybrid or breed)

    Thanks guys. I was hoping it was a rare bird like a black duck or Mexican duck I got a second opinion with my friend who’s a bird expert who was trained to ID birds by ornithologist at a young age he told me she was just a domesticated mallard, not that I doubted him but I also wanted a 3rd, 4th, 5th+ opinion.
  3. Paul Contreras

    Black Tailed Gnatcatcher?

    Absolutelymundo. I’m a volunteer at the Audubon center in Los Angeles for bird banding and we catch Bewick’s all of the time, so I’m very familiar with Bewick’s Wrens. They’re awesome birds 😁
  4. Saw this duck at a park located in Downey California a suburb of Los Angeles. she was female due to her constant quaking possible domesticated duck but as small as a wild mallard vs a domesticated mallard or pekin’s bigger size.
  5. I believe the bird is a sharp-shinned hawk. Took screen cap from friend’s video, she’s from Massachusetts
  6. Paul Contreras

    Unknown western Mexico bird

    Thanks a bunch
  7. Paul Contreras

    Western Mexico Hummingbird id

    I’m starting to lean towards broad-Bill after realizing the hot pink coloration of her bill, at first I was afraid of uploading these photos since I thought they were no good but after tweaking with them it’s clearer
  8. Paul Contreras

    Western Mexico Hummingbird id

    Sorry about that i went ahead and re-uploaded on YouTube, I now realize google+ is unreliable thanks for attempting though
  9. Paul Contreras

    Western Mexico Hummingbird id

    My apologies, I went ahead and fixed it by re-uploading on YouTube, that’s the last time I use google+ youtube is my main channel so I like to inform my viewers what species it is before I uploaded onto YouTube, so I used google + instead thank you for attempting
  10. Paul Contreras

    Western Mexico Hummingbird id

    Thank you millipede, I appreciate the help sorry for the inconvenience
  11. Paul Contreras

    Western Mexico Hummingbird id

    Sorry about that. I’ve uploaded it on YouTube. I have a small following on YouTube so I originally avoided uploading it on YouTube since I didn’t want to upload a video without first knowing the species so I uploaded on Google+ instead to make it easier I now uploaded on YouTube Also uploaded the photos although not the best quality
  12. seen in El Grullo Jalisco
  13. Saw this guy at someone’s feeder in Autlán Jalisco