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  1. Oh, okay perhaps I should’ve choose a better screen cap 😩 🤔☺️
  2. Thanks Charlie I was guessing Cathartidae but I’m not well knowledgeable when it comes to New World Vultures, I’m mostly knowledgeable with the Turkey Vulture. Maybe this could be a Old World Vulture.
  3. Cool indeed Yellow-rumped Warbler or Audubon’s Warbler 👍 I personally call them ‘the checkers’ cause they always go “CHEK’ 😁
  4. This Vulture appeared next to wrestler Mark Calloway during his match with giant Gonzales in wrestlemania 9
  5. Thanks guys. I was hoping it was a rare bird like a black duck or Mexican duck I got a second opinion with my friend who’s a bird expert who was trained to ID birds by ornithologist at a young age he told me she was just a domesticated mallard, not that I doubted him but I also wanted a 3rd, 4th, 5th+ opinion.
  6. Absolutelymundo. I’m a volunteer at the Audubon center in Los Angeles for bird banding and we catch Bewick’s all of the time, so I’m very familiar with Bewick’s Wrens. They’re awesome birds 😁
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