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  1. Oh, okay. I was curious. Felt bad for the lil fella since he was chased off by every other bird, and when he or she muster up the courage to stand up to the Blue Jay it backfired and he ended up getting scared off ?
  2. I came across an old video from 2013 (not my video by the way) but the user who uploaded didn’t state what kinda bird that was and I don’t believe he’s active on YouTube anymore. The bird I’m referring to is the bird that keeps on getting chased by all the other birds and is finally ran off by the Blue Jay, also the bird is making a “CHUCK” sound. I believe the bird is a Pipit
  3. Bill is far to long for a gnat-catcher, but maybe the angle of the photo makes it appear that way.
  4. Thanks guys. A friend told me it’s a young Cooper’s Hawk
  5. Yep California Ground Squirrel indeed, I see them all the time ? I love em ☺️ They’re my favorite rodent also provided this video for evidence not my video btw
  6. I was jogging along a suburb 7:30 in the evening yesterday and I can across these Hawks squawking. Not sure if they’re Red-shoulder or Red-Tailed Hawks. Excuse the poor quality I was near an extremely busy road and L.A. as many airplanes flying over, plus the hawks left before I could get closer, what a bummer also provided Macaulay library link https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/167534631 Unknown hawk.wav
  7. I actually saw this bird today, a female and at first I thought the bird was a Say’s Phoebe then I realized my mistake. This bird is a trickster so I feel where you're coming from excuse me for plugging my photos but o thought it’ll be nice to show where I’m coming from ?
  8. I was at Huntington Beach Central Park today and I heard this peeping sound and when I saw the bird it looks like an Orange-crowned but I thought they trilled, not peeped. I checked the macaulaylibrary catalog on all about birds and there isn’t a call similar, I managed to get a couple of snaps and it is an orange-crowned, I heard it in 2 different occasions and different places within the park and both times came from orange-crowneds also here’s the link to the macaulaylibrary https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/166479511#_ga=2.25622653.111804194.1561958476-1771621170.1554588670 Ocwa peep call.m4a
  9. Heard this bird as I was walking, flying from tree to tree grey color and pretty long Unbi flushing.m4a
  10. Thanks guys, I was wondering they’re nighthawks as well. Since it’s been 100% cloudy in L.A. I couldn’t get sufficient lighting. Very much appreciate everyone’s insights. They were actually 3 of these guys but it happened so fast I could only snap on of them. The bird didn’t appear to flap their wings in a fast mostion also I’ve noticed the bill is pointy or maybe it’s my imagination, do nighthawks have pointy bills? I’m not very familiar with nighthawks
  11. Sounds kinda like an American Robin but it’s different. Grosbeaks and Tanagers can also sound like AMRO. Morr or less does this sound similar https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/85102?__hstc=75100365.331defff933546ad421646a359a0bb6a.1558982717247.1559497000544.1559501970759.16&__hssc=75100365.5.1559501970759&__hsfp=2196497259#_ga=2.12535804.994277333.1559413734-1627502998.1558982715
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