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  1. Found this bird out at Red Rock Canyon... I believe it's a young Chipping Sparrow but I'm unfamiliar with other sparrow species out this far west--especially when not in full adult colors. Thanks for any and all help!
  2. No worries at all. Right or wrong, I appreciate any and all thoughts on these birds!
  3. Thanks for the reply... specifically, this was at a place called Pleasure House Point where we get the both species each migration and some stay through the winter--of the two, the Nelson's is the more commonly found species.
  4. I left out the location as to not muddy the water--this Photo was taken several years ago in Virginia Beach. I knew that it was in the same lake where a Pacific Loon, very rare here, had been reported at the time but wasn't 100% sure about whether I had the right bird in the shot since there were many Common and Red-throated Loons present at the same time. Thank you for the ID.
  5. All birds were photographed in Virginia Beach yesterday morning... two birds in the last photo. _V9A5430 by mike, on Flickr _V9A5447 by mike, on Flickr _V9A5444 by mike, on Flickr _V9A5459 by mike, on Flickr _V9A5451 by mike, on Flickr _V9A5449 by mike, on Flickr
  6. House is more likely in the area, however, this was an outstanding morning of migrants (nearly all in flight)... taken on 9/18 in Virginia Beach, VA This first picture was lightened up a bit in editing. _V9A4951 by mike, on Flickr _V9A4956 by mike, on Flickr Thanks
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