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  1. seen 3 days ago at Gilbert Riparian ponds. The coloration is baffling me. Need help. TIA
  2. thanks Kevin - I was thinking the same but wanted to be sure before I discard the pic. The wet feathers look SO black and the white patch is more distinctive - better to check than wonder.
  3. seen yesterday at Gilbert Riparian water park outside of Phoenix. Took the photo but really don't have any idea re: species. (I'm a PA guy) TIA for the help
  4. thanks Meghann - never really noticed the yellow in the bill of a Fox Sparrow before - I'll file that away for future reference
  5. Seen this frigid morning in SC PA. Lots of songs out, but this one seems "redder"
  6. My nephew sent this to me. He is a good birder and photographed this bird Monday in Chelsea in Manahattan. His bird book says Western Tanager, and I think its right. Thoughts?
  7. taken this morning in central PA. There were a bunch of swamp sparrows around, and this is probably one of those, but the prominent eyering is making me second guess myself
  8. Yeah - I can agree w that . the majority of the swamps I've been seeing have been more gray below the eyeline. Maybe this is a younger bird?
  9. Maybe I'm just suffering from Fall Migration burnout, but this sparrow has me scratching my head. I've had Lincoln's, swamps, white-throats, white-crowned, chipping, song in this area - maybe I just have Sparrow-itis. Taken today in SC PA TIA
  10. Seen today in SC PA. First reaction was Palm, but the back is such a solid deep olive color that its making me re-think the ID TIA
  11. taken this morning in SC PA. I'm not very good with raptors and usually mess up the merlin/ sharpie/ Coopers Thanks
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