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  1. 2 separate waterthrushes. 1 taken May 12, one taken June 1. Both SouthEast PA. My thought is the first is Louisiana and the second is Northern. Thanks in advance for the help
  2. I have these 2 other gull photos - probably different birds, but thats ok w me
  3. certainly a possibility. Anyone else want to weigh in? Thanks Corey
  4. I know they are almost considered vermin in the Pacific NW, but a glaucous winged gull is a lifer for a guy from the Northeast! Looking for confirmation
  5. ANY alcid is a lifer for me, and I saw one last week. No real idea which one, even after looking online. Appreciate any help with the bad photo (not very close)
  6. Photographed on Thursday 11/14 in Puget Sound, WA. Not my home area so I need help on this one. I notice greenish undertones on the back. Thanks in advance
  7. Photos taken today at Middle Creek WMA - South Central PA I've never been able to photograph a Tennessee before - looking for (hoping for) confirmation. My last photo of the morning appears to be a pine - primarily from the undertail markings - looking for confirmation. Thanks in advance
  8. Seen today in central PA. When I saw it (briefly) I thought it might be a Phila vireo - a lifer for me. But looking at the pics - which are poor at best - I have no idea. Thanks in advance
  9. Lebanon PA, yesterday (9-1) Assuming stilt sandpiper due to subtle rusty cheek patch, slight droop of the bill. But - I'm not very good with shore birds, especially when they're not full breeding plumage. thanks in advance
  10. very cool - I never shot a photo of two very similar species before that could serve as a photo showing both!
  11. A group of shorebirds was in a nearby pond / mud today. I thought I had western sandpipers (droop at end of bill, thick base of bill) but, when I loaded the pics, I think I may have a semipalm sandpiper with them. . Shorter bill, straighter. Help?? Lebanon Co., PA Sept. 1, 2019
  12. 2nd week of June, Pegwell Bay , England 1) European Goldfinch 2) Eurasian Magpie 3) ??? 4) Common Shelduck 5) Wood Pigeon
  13. 2nd week of June, Pegwell Bay England 1) ??? 2)Eurasian Blackbird 3) Eurasian Wren 4) ???
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