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  1. My nephew sent this to me. He is a good birder and photographed this bird Monday in Chelsea in Manahattan. His bird book says Western Tanager, and I think its right. Thoughts?
  2. taken this morning in central PA. There were a bunch of swamp sparrows around, and this is probably one of those, but the prominent eyering is making me second guess myself
  3. Yeah - I can agree w that . the majority of the swamps I've been seeing have been more gray below the eyeline. Maybe this is a younger bird?
  4. Maybe I'm just suffering from Fall Migration burnout, but this sparrow has me scratching my head. I've had Lincoln's, swamps, white-throats, white-crowned, chipping, song in this area - maybe I just have Sparrow-itis. Taken today in SC PA TIA
  5. Seen today in SC PA. First reaction was Palm, but the back is such a solid deep olive color that its making me re-think the ID TIA
  6. taken this morning in SC PA. I'm not very good with raptors and usually mess up the merlin/ sharpie/ Coopers Thanks
  7. I have FMCS ( Fall Migration Confusion Syndrome). I was on a bunch of Lincoln's today in Central PA and when I uploaded the pics, I saw this one. I think its swamp but I've never seen swamp at this spot before so I figured I'd ask. TIA
  8. I thought the breast was too clean for a swamp, but the overall coloration certainly fits. thanks
  9. photo taken today in SC PA. Clay colored would be a lifer so I have no experience with them. Guidebooks aren't much help - too similar. TIA
  10. my initial thought was Philadelphia vireo, but i really couldn't make out the vireo hook on the bill so I went to warbler. Didn't know about the feet coloration. I see warbling vireos here frequently and would definitely lean toward Phila
  11. I believe this is Tennessee, but I've seen very few of them so I'm not really sure. Taken today in Southcentral PA
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