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  1. I was going back and forth between swamp and Lincoln and ended up on Lincoln mostly because of where it was - no where near the marshy areas I ususally see Swamps. But it IS migration, ... What makes you land on Swamp (probably an immature) rather than a Lincoln?
  2. I believe this is a Lincoln moving through the area. Photo taken today - Lancaster Co PA. I like the photo for its photographic quality, but being backlit makes the ID tough sometimes TIA
  3. I liked wood thrush for the bottom as well, but the spotting seemed to stop too quickly. It may just be the photo angle though
  4. 2 different thrushes from a small flock this morning in central PA. Swainson's? tia
  5. small flock seen today near Lebanon PA. I'm leaning toward purple - seems like a light eyebrow is present. But .. Thanks in advance
  6. shot taken today in SE PA. Very distinct eyering seems more "bold" than the eyering i usually see on Willow/Alders. But I don't know if it's yellow enough. Thanks in advance for your input
  7. I KNOW!! I agree that the bill is too thin for a tanager, but the coloration looks much more tanager to to me than oriole. So - assuming it s an oriole - I'd go with Baltimore??
  8. Having some discussion re: ID of this bird. Photo taken yesterday in central PA Scarlet Tan? Oriole? Which one?
  9. this shouldn't be hard, but it's confounding me. Medium-large bird, primary yellow tells me female oriole/ female tanager. But this doesn't seem quite right. There WERE Balt Orioles around, though Lebanon County, PA 8/31 TIA
  10. I think these are a semipalmated sandpiper (L) and a Baird's sandpiper (R). But - I've been wrong so many times on these birds I've lost count ... SC PA (Middle Creek WMA) yesterday Thanks in advance
  11. 2 separate waterthrushes. 1 taken May 12, one taken June 1. Both SouthEast PA. My thought is the first is Louisiana and the second is Northern. Thanks in advance for the help
  12. I have these 2 other gull photos - probably different birds, but thats ok w me
  13. certainly a possibility. Anyone else want to weigh in? Thanks Corey
  14. I know they are almost considered vermin in the Pacific NW, but a glaucous winged gull is a lifer for a guy from the Northeast! Looking for confirmation
  15. ANY alcid is a lifer for me, and I saw one last week. No real idea which one, even after looking online. Appreciate any help with the bad photo (not very close)
  16. Photographed on Thursday 11/14 in Puget Sound, WA. Not my home area so I need help on this one. I notice greenish undertones on the back. Thanks in advance
  17. Photos taken today at Middle Creek WMA - South Central PA I've never been able to photograph a Tennessee before - looking for (hoping for) confirmation. My last photo of the morning appears to be a pine - primarily from the undertail markings - looking for confirmation. Thanks in advance
  18. Seen today in central PA. When I saw it (briefly) I thought it might be a Phila vireo - a lifer for me. But looking at the pics - which are poor at best - I have no idea. Thanks in advance
  19. Lebanon PA, yesterday (9-1) Assuming stilt sandpiper due to subtle rusty cheek patch, slight droop of the bill. But - I'm not very good with shore birds, especially when they're not full breeding plumage. thanks in advance
  20. very cool - I never shot a photo of two very similar species before that could serve as a photo showing both!
  21. A group of shorebirds was in a nearby pond / mud today. I thought I had western sandpipers (droop at end of bill, thick base of bill) but, when I loaded the pics, I think I may have a semipalm sandpiper with them. . Shorter bill, straighter. Help?? Lebanon Co., PA Sept. 1, 2019
  22. 2nd week of June, Pegwell Bay , England 1) European Goldfinch 2) Eurasian Magpie 3) ??? 4) Common Shelduck 5) Wood Pigeon
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