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  1. 2nd week of June, Pegwell Bay England 1) ??? 2)Eurasian Blackbird 3) Eurasian Wren 4) ???
  2. second week of June. Pegwell Bay, England. 1) Eurasian Collared Dove 2) European Robin 3) Carrion Crow 4) ???
  3. this was my first birding n Europe, so everything was new to me. Took photos on 2 solo walks at Pegwell Bay, England, along the water, the 2nd week of June. I'll load the photos 4 at a time . Thanks in advance for your help 1) Eurasian Oystercatcher 2) White wagtail 3) little egret 4)Eurasian Curlew
  4. need confirmation of a few waders from Hagerman NWR, Sherman TC (LK Texoma) last week. #1 - Stilt sandpiper (if confirmed, its a photo life bird) #2 - semipalmated sandpiper #3 - least sandpiper
  5. photos taken today in Lebanon County, PA. (There were 3 Hudsonian Godwits on a local flooded pond, and these guys were there as well) I believe this one might be a Solitary Sandpiper (the eye ring seems too prominent not to be, although it could be the angle) The next I think is a Dunlin but in the transitional plumage to winter , I really have a hard time. The downturned bill is why I think Dunlin Thanks in advance
  6. photo taken Oct 3 in Central PA. I think it might be a Prarie Warbler but not sure at all. Thanks in advance
  7. this shouldn't be this hard, but ... I think this is a Magnolia warbler but i"m not sure - maybe a parula? Taken yesterday, central PA
  8. photo taken yesterday. Central PA. My best guess is female Blackburnian (cheek patch, undertail marking) but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance
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