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  1. Forester's Tern (right) and Sandwich Tern (left)
  2. Male and female Oregon Dark-eyed Juncos:
  3. Post pictures of birds fighting.
  4. Haha! I didn't notice any difference in speed, but they do flap faster.
  5. Here's another Cackler with Canada Geese:
  6. I find it hard to contact anybody through eBird. I would search through checklists and find someone's profile who includes contact information. Otherwise, I would probably look for tire tracks where people have pulled off a lot. Sometimes birders are crazy and simply park on the side of the road . If there is a local Audubon group in your area, they will probably know as well.
  7. Females have a colored crest as well, although much less apparent and more orange than red. Learned this while watching birds being banded 🙂 .
  8. Maybe it's a Northern Goshawk 😂😂
  9. Well darn. Any ID skills I ever had have gone out the window lately. I'm still not sure, but I can see Cooper's.
  10. Looks like a Sharpie to me. The tail feathers all appear to be the same length, and the head looks small... it's hard to tell but I don't think it has a "cap". Pretty sure the same coloration goes al the way into the nape.
  11. Imagine getting any warblers 😂 . Westerners have it tough. This year has been crazy... probably got around 60 lifers. My year list ended up around 350!
  12. I've been going through some photos of mine and found a photo of a wet CLNU:
  13. I agree with your assessment. I have never seen a hybrid and have seen hundreds of Barrow's and Commons, which is why I was reserving judgement on the first female which I wondered about. Interesting...
  14. The last male is definitely a Barrow's. The second one looks very hybrid-y to me. The spot in front of the eye is teardrop-shaped, but not completely, the white barring on the sides is not very separated but the shoulder is black. The female in the last photo is a Common. Pretty sure the first photo shows female Barrow's on left and female Common on right.
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