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  1. I'm not good at Eastern warblers so I'm gonna give it a shot. Don't trust me. Pine Warbler?
  2. I'm seeing dark ear patches, so probably Eared.
  3. Confirmed! Although it could be a young male if it was early enough.
  4. Green-tailed Towhee (the photo was taken in a mountainous area which I guess could be considered a high altitude desert, but they're normally lower in the sagebrush)
  5. Mountain Chickadee. EDIT: I get BCCH calls mixed up with MOCH so I could be wrong
  6. 😞 ... I guess no one else does either! Burrowing Owl: Vermilion Flycatcher:
  7. Great Horned Owls can make weird meowing/screaming noises. I don't see an audio link, is it there and I can't see it on mobile?
  8. Hm.... I'm not sure. Orange-crowned Warbler? Have you checked out a good bird guide like Sibleys?
  9. Well, Herring and Great Black-backed are much larger than your average Ring-billed Gull. Albatrosses have monster bills and a much different overall shape. I'm just spouting off as far as specific species go, but it's definitely a gull.
  10. This is a gull. I believe herring and great black-backed are the most common over there, but I'm no good with gulls, especially not eastern ones.
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