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  1. First three are Barrow's due to bill shape and the extensive yellow on the bill of the first one.
  2. It took me this long to notice the joke! Haha don't worry about it.
  3. I was gonna do it but decided against it Puns are just too poplar to stop
  4. Oh you're right. Yeah, probably an immature male molting into breeding plumage.
  5. It is indeed a Bufflehead. Looks like a molting male. EDIT: Actually, turns out they do have an eclipse plumage so I'd go with that and/or molting.
  6. Okay! There was also a Northern Saw-Whet Owl in Barber Park but I didnt mention due to it probably not being there any more. Also a couple Great Horned live there as well. I'll definitely let you know if I hear anything!
  7. I agree with Western Screech. Was this in Barber Park? There's a Barred Owl there. There's also a Great Gray Owl in Hulls Gulch Preserve that everyone is keeping under wraps.
  8. I feel like weird creepy images don't really belong here.....
  9. We are returning from a robotics competition today! We ended up 14th out of 32 teams which is actually pretty good. But our robot was good enough that we got picked to be an alliance partner with the number one team, and two others in the top four wanted us too! Semifinals went smooth. The first finals was won by our two alliance partners. Then they ran their best robot and our robot, and believe it or not, their robot unplugged itself mid match! We actually carried them, getting 70 extra points in the last 1 and a half minutes, winning by 20 points! We thought for sure we had lost but we didnt, winning the whole thing for our alliance captain, who is now going to worlds. We just get a trophy and medals but we're happy with that, especially since our entire robot was built in a month and a half, long after other teams had already been competing for 2 or more months. The final alliance (we're in back):
  10. Yes to all, those are indeed domestic. EDIT: Unless that's a leucistic Canada Goose...
  11. Not a kingbird -orange, not yellow belly. Also distinct white throat with dark patch over the eye. Not a Say's Phoebe for similar reasons... the color is too vibrant for that. Agreed with VEFL.
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