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  1. New blog post! https://idahobirder.weebly.com/blog/update
  2. Swainson's Hawk going for a dive at the World Center for Birds of Prey flight show.
  3. Can you describe the wing shape, flight pattern, etc that makes you think raptor? My first thought was Turkey Vulture as they do that all the time at my house, as in, flying low over the ground closer to my windows. Also, based on the description of it being very close to the windows, it's super easy to think a bird is huge from a house as opposed to out in the field where there are no really familiar references to look at. I notice this phenomenon a lot myself with easy to ID birds like harriers.
  4. Looks right with that prominent eye stripe.
  5. I see red wings at my feeders in a heavily forested area all the time... besides, the tree here could be sitting above or near a marshy area. And yes, migrating birds could end up in a variety of places.
  6. Welcome to Whatbird! I'm pretty sure this is a frog. I'm not aware of any bird in the US that makes that sound... and about halfway through you can definitely hear a little croak in the background.
  7. Welcome to Whatbird! This is a female House Sparrow.
  8. I believe these would be an American Goldfinch, Abert's Towhee and a Yellow Warbler.
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