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  1. Agreed on #1. Wilson's Plover would be extremely rare for the Salton Sea, and they would have a black band that wraps all the way around the chest. I think this is a Snowy Plover.
  2. Wow that's a lot better. Now that I can see it better, yeah, that does look more like a crow. I think it must be a camera angle because the bird on the right is most certainly a Red-tailed Hawk. And if that is definitely the same bird in the close up photo, I don't think it's a Harlan's.
  3. @Ryan Bushong since more people would be interested in seeing the photos, can you post them directly here?
  4. Oops, didnt clarify before posting again... when you zoom up on the RIGHT bird you can see a red tail, which is why the second photo could be of the LEFT bird.
  5. The "crow" looks like a raptor to me. In the first photo if you zoom up on it, the top of the tail looks red with minimal barring (so Red-tailed Hawk). I bet that the second photo is actually of the dark bird in the first photo. In any case, the second photo is also a Red-tailed Hawk... makes me think Harlan's due to the seeming lack of red in the tail and the "spiked" appearance of the tail feathers.
  6. Mine is actually a bridge, Olympus Stylus SP-100EE. It obviously doesn't have the quality of good DSLR, but it works really well for birding and taking identifiable shots of birds. I've been very happy with the quality though.
  7. Yep, Cassiar/cismontanus. Dark defined hood, gray sides, brown back.
  8. Oof, I'm past my edit time. I meant to say Ring-necked Pheasants dont have that shape.
  9. The white collar in a RINP is only on the neck, nowhere near the face. I can see the entire head, also on top, covered in white with a black mask over top. Pheasants simply dont have this shape either (speaking from experience). This bird looks more compact and quail-like. The green iridescent appearance is actually some sort of reflection I think, you can see the same green hue on the tree branches.
  10. I do! Lovely photos. Foxes are the best.
  11. Aren't those leaves? I agree with @Jefferson Shank there's too much white on the head for Ring-necked Pheasant. Maybe it's an escaped bird? The facial pattern looks spot on for NOBO though.
  12. It's a Red-tailed Hawk, but an intermediate morph, not a dark morph.
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