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  1. Ah. I didnt know that. I thought BLJA and CAJA as well so that could well be correct.
  2. I'm not too comfortable with them but I'm pretty sure this is a Northern Cardinal.
  3. Looks like a Turkey Vulture with that V.
  4. Looks more like a Western Bluebird to me, and the second one is a House Wren. Welcome to Whatbird!
  5. Wow! Super cool. Leucism isnt necessarily rare but it isn't too common either. Mostly it's just one or two feathers as well.
  6. Whoops, my bad! Tells you how tired I am today... I thought I had looked up cismontanus. Yeah, they are much more limited....
  7. I always identify cismontanus (Also called Cassiar, also called Canadian Rocky Mountain) by the overall slate-colored appearance but with the defined hood. Most of the ones I see do have some brown, but I have seen some without. In any case, I would probably call your bird a cismontanus just due to the description. Looking on eBird, the subspecies isn't uncommon in the Arkansas area: https://ebird.org/map/slcjun?neg=true&env.minX=178.56114165787858&env.minY=15.18776539271735&env.maxX=13.67832915787858&env.maxY=72.52451403967618&zh=true&gp=false&ev=Z&mr=1-12&bmo=1&emo=12&yr=all&byr=1900&eyr=2020
  8. I maintain a kestrel camera and they bring home anything from voles and birds to moths and worms. I've never personally seen them catch small birds but I do know they freak out the feeder birds when they come swooping in! (Once had a chick attempt to swallow an entire tail with the feathers 😛 ) I agree, that does sound like a kestrel. The only other thing would be merlin.
  9. Yep, red breasted. Long thin bill, distinct facial lines, weird stringy crest, and I think the messy sides are a good field mark too?
  10. Western Gull x Glaucous-winged Gull. It's the most common hybrid on the west coast.
  11. Not sure, but likely an Olympic Gull... I thought it was a gigantic gull towering over the people when I first saw the photo!
  12. Haha not sure.. I don't keep track of my lifelist too carefully. It was #400 on eBird though
  13. Lifer (obviously) Ivory Gull. INCREDIBLE to see! Full story here: https://idahobirder.weebly.com/blog/ivory-gull-adventure
  14. I've only ever heard it pronounced like "scawp".
  15. Ruby-Crowned Kinglet due to tiny beak, white wingbar, and yellow primary edges. EDIT: Sniped!
  16. Ivory Gull. 'Nuff said.😎
  17. Have you looked at the immature herons? Night Heron came to mind.
  18. I'm still seeing Purple Finch for 1 and 2. The rump is always the lightest part of the finch and the back looks too purple for the other rose finches. Someone else might have a different experience and some different information though.
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