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  1. Yep, that's a Western Grebe! Might want to put that on eBird. Looks like most sightings of them were from 2015 at that lake.
  2. Was able to get nine owl species in a week here in Idaho. Saw all of them except Flammulated. SEOW, LEOW, GHOW, GGOW, NSWO, FLOW, BUOW, BANO, WESO. I only got photos of four of them because I enjoy looking at them more than photographing them ?
  3. Dark nape - Sharp-shinned. Do you have any more photos?
  4. I like Common or hybrid. We had a Barrow's this summer just south in Stanley, but this bird has a significantly larger bill with minimal orange and head shape that fits better for Common.
  5. Tufted Titmouse? edit: changed my mind. Lawrence's Goldfinch?
  6. That's actually a white-eye, a bird from Asia. I don't remember if those are actual vagrants in California or typically escapees, or what.
  7. It's not just that it's slow - see my above post. The actual phrases are wrong IMO.
  8. The quality is completely wrong for HOWR. There's far too few notes and it's very clear and bright sounding. Here's the difference in spectrograms: One major thing that makes me lean SUTA is the fact that every phrase is about the same length. BHGR tend to have wide variety between phrases, giving it the feel that it's alternating between short and long phrases. I'm not getting a "sickly" vibe - you might be getting that in part just because it's in the background of a fuzzy recording.
  9. 1. I'm liking Summer Tanager.. The phrases are too separated for BHGR, and also you can hear some high pitched phrases as well... but the individual phrases fit better for Tanager than Robin. 2. Yellow-breasted Chats. They make the chatter and churr sound 3. Another Chat
  10. One guess at a time people ?. No on all. @Seanbirdshas had the closest guess.
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