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  1. I thought about adding that to my post that it's an immature, but I checked Sibley and it shows that the females also have brown crowns. I know that eye color is the other factor in determining age, but that isn't visible here. Is that true that adult females have brown crowns too? Or is it just that the immatures have a more extensive brown crown?
  2. This would be a female Oregon. I would expect a pink-sided to be a lot lighter overall.
  3. Ayy. Okay I'll pick something easier... Corvid sp. holding something.
  4. Yeah I realized that then couldn't edit it ?
  5. I'd argue that the top right and left birds are the same size and the bottom one is smaller. It also has less white around the beak. Different subspecies?
  6. I think so. I've never heard one make that specific noise, but they make a wide range of different noises and this one has the same quality to it.
  7. Okay let's pick something more possible right now: two warbler species in one photo ?
  8. Yep I said that. Only works for adult birds. The bill on this one looks pretty slight but the second photos definitely doesn't look like golden-plover to me. Just looking at Sibley's, the top of the tail in BBPL is starkly black and white whereas in golden plovers it's kinda buffy. Not sure if that's reliable but based on that this bird is a BBPL.
  9. House Sparrows. Females and young males I believe.
  10. Lucky chipmunk! It's a Sharp-shinned or Cooper's. It looks capped to me which is why I'm leaning Cooper's, but it also has a somewhat lean appearance that could be due to the angle.
  11. Yep! The golden-plovers can be ruled out by the clean white undertail.
  12. Seeing the recent post about a Jaeger made me want to post my Jaeger again. I've tried to ID this multiple times with little success. I think there has been general consensus but I don't remember which species it was. Obviously the photos aren't very good, but maybe... https://ebird.org/checklist/S39148435
  13. That would be Broad-tailed. Notice the very prominent tail that sticks out far past the tips of the wings. They also show very buffy sides, which doesn't really appear in Black-chinneds. snipe'd....
  14. Hmm. If viewed from the back, I think a nonbreeding Scarlet Tanager could look like that...
  15. I'm going out on a I-don't-know-anything limb to guess female Bay-breasted.
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