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  1. Maybe I'm a simpleton, but I ID peeps by process of elimination. It has yellow legs - it's a LESA or PESA. It has a short all dark bill/it's small and round - must be a LESA. It has a longer pale based bill/it's chunky and larger than the other peeps - must be a PESA. 

    There are innumerable plumage differences between them all so I stick with ID points that are pretty much always the same - bill and legs, wing extension, etc. I don't pretend to understand and know every plumage variation. 

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  2. What do Stints have to do with why the bird isn't a Pectoral?

    I'm also curious why you're saying it's not a pec, because it looks good for one to me. Yellow legs, chunky shape, and the photos aren't good enough to see the perfect line on the chest. In any case, I think STSA also have the same line. The shape rules out LESA, and the yellow legs narrows it down to Pec and STSA, which is basically out of range.

    Side note: if I considered every rare possibility when birding, I'd never ID anything to species.

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